A Thousand Books of Fame

"A Thousand Books of Fame" was a booklist obtained by sending in your name to Gavin Gowrie of The House of Gowrie, and Thurland & Thurland.

Gavin is another pseudonym used by Arthur Desmond selling, importing and printing books in Chicago.

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I’ve books of Love and Golden Deed and books of every cult and creed. I’ve books by men who fought and won, and tales of Nations long undone.

I’ve books for young men or the old; books of business, bonds and gold. I’ve doctor books for man and wife and books about the Germs of Life.

I’ve books of battle, blood and war; of voyages, travels, near and far. I’ve books of beer and beef and bread, and books for calling up the dead.

I’ve books that bear a royal name, and books that teach the Iron Game. I’ve books of praise and psalm and pain, and epic books of Dragons slain.

I’ve Rebel scrolls of flame and fate, and books defending church and state. I’ve books of stars and heavenly hosts, of witches, warlocks, gods, and ghosts.

I’ve books of monk and nun and knight, and sibyl books of power and might: Some old, some new, some highly priced: books of Buddha, Joss and Christ.

I’ve books by black and tan Hindoos, and books by Japs, and books by Jews: and picture books of hell and sin, from Paris, London, Rome, Berlin.

I’ve Jesuit books of craft and crime, and heathen books in prose and rhyme: Masonic texts a wonderous store and mystic tomes of ancient lore.

Ten thousand volumes rich and rare, and women’s fiction false and fair. My list —“A Thousand Books of Fame” is yours for mailing in your name.

My list —A THOUSAND BOOKS OF FAME is yours for mailing in your name.


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We present our very own "A Thousand Books of Fame," a series of books, as a wink, as a top-shelf tribute, to "The House of Gowrie," "Thurland & Thurland" and "The Gold Coast Book Store." It is a small homage to the man behind it, Gavin Gowrie a.k.a. Arthur Desmond.

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The latest book in "A Thousand Books of Fame Series" by Ragnar Redbeard - archive & publisher is:

The Devil's Book Agent Arthur Desmond Presents: Radical Books—For or Against ANYTHING! Vol. I.

By Robert Carmonius

The Devil's Book Agent Arthur Desmond Presents: Radical Books—For or Against ANYTHING! Vol. I.

Pamphlets and Books collected from the vaults of Thurland & ThurlandThe House of Gowrie, and The Gold Coast Book Store.


Titled as advertized by Arthur Desmond:

  • The Law of Nature
  • Delusions of Democracy
  • Training the Human Plant
  • Why I Am An Infidel
  • A Vindication of Anarchy
  • Australian Investors Review (Bonus)

6" x 9"


A Revelation of Revaluations

By F. M. Wilkesbarr

Not for 200 years has a book appeared in the English language that contains more thought-thrills, startling truths, and daring explanations of the eternal verities of life, than the


Have your Ego X-Rayed and be saved from 6000 illusions, delusions and confused conclusions.

  • Have you read the “Gospel According to Malfew Seklew,” the most original and inspiring book of the century?
  • Would you like to be a 100% personality, Rich in Reason, Wealthy with Wisdom and Opulent with Optimism?
  • Are you a Peter Pantheist or a Personality with a Punch? Are you a Simpoleon or a Superman?
  • Would you like to become an EGOIST, able to Audit your own Agonies; Burbankize your own Beliefs; Fletcherize your own Fancies; Pasturize your own Prejudices; Bowdlerize your own Banalities; Minimize Misery and Paralize your own Paralogies?

If so, read the “Gospel According to Malfew Seklew” and find out that the missing link in the human progress has been discovered; the remedy for higher civilization has been found.

This book, “The Smasher of All Shams, illusions, Delusions, Confusions and cankerous Conclusions” will teach you the Supermen. It will acquaint you with the fundamental Laws of Nature: “The Seven Laws That Govern Mankind; The Seven Wonders of the EGO; The Thirteen Affirmations of Supermanity; The Trinities That Mould Mankind” and will give you and index to every man’s mind and actions.

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6" x 9"

The Gospel of To-day: Power of Might—the Eternal Right

By Robert Carmonius

The lecture is a searching, scathing review of a book whose author Mr. Brewer classes as a tiger from the jungles, “not a pretty toy tiger, such as still may be found in the mountains of Bengal, but a genuine old saber-toothed tiger of the Pliocene age.”

An outake:

"In daily life, we are often reminded that our heredity runs back among the beasts of prey. Scratch a man deep enough—sometimes a pin will do—and we find the tiger, fox, jackal or hog, as the case may be. But we never see that past in its entirety—a flash of claw or fang, the glare of a startled eye, or a smothered growl from lips attuned to prayer—is about the limit of our social retrospection; and so it was with great interest and pleasure that I read what my Pliocene brother had to say about modern life and its historical development."

A lucid presentation by Charles Louis Brewer of the old and new conceptions of the idea that “Might makes Right.”

“Might is Right Inc.,” articles and letters from workers incorporating the writings of Ragnar Redbeard. (Arthur Desmond, 1859-1929)

Charles Louis Brewer 1873-1952.

6" x 9"

The Law of Financial Success: Illustrated Edition

By Edward E. Beals

All progress—whether physical, mental, moral, spiritual or financial—is based on LAW. And he who wins success in any line does so because he has followed the LAW or LAWS pertaining to his business, whether he does it consciously or unconsciously.

Some of the great “Captains of Industry” who have won marvellous success in financial affairs, and for whom we have no great admiration, are miserable failures as moral and spiritual beings. But they have won great Financial Success because they concentrated on that alone to the exclusion of all other kinds.

What the most of us want is all round success, but we must remember that no one can be an all round success without Financial Independence. No matter how much good a person may want to do, he is handicapped by a lack of money. All the air-castles he has built; all the beautiful plans he has created; all the cherished desires to do good go unfulfilled because there is no money to complete them.

But these air-castles can become real buildings; these plans can become realities; these great desires can be fulfilled. The question is “how to do it?”

The writer has seen the need for several years among Advanced Thought circles, of a book to answer this question. In his own life he has found that Financial Success is not a matter of grind and rush and fight and struggle. It is a matter of getting in harmony with the LAW and then following that LAW to its logical conclusion. He has placed this information in the book “THE LAW OF FINANCIAL SUCCESS.” In it he states the LAW, shows how to get in harmony with it, and then gives specific instructions for keeping in the closest possible touch with the powers that be in the World of Finance. It is no magic potion to be swallowed with wonderful results, but is a plain stating of the LAW, so that all who run may read and then act. And he who acts will win success, because he is following the LAW that has been laid down from time immemorial.

Whether rich or poor, successful or unsuccessful—it matters not—this book will be of great value to you. If you are a natural moneymaker, perhaps you have been using the LAW unconsciously. This book will tell you how to handle it consciously. If you are unsuccessful and money seems to come hard, it will guide your thought and actions into the proper channels where you will get the highest possible results.

“THE LAW OF FINANCIAL SUCCESS” combines theory with practical knowledge. It not only states the LAW, but tells how to apply it. It not only informs one how to make money, but also tells him how and in what way to invest it to get the largest possible returns.

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Life of a bookseller—the author of Might is Right.

By Robert Carmonius


IF YOU WANT TO BUY A BOOK of any kind, you should write us. We will hunt it up for you, and you will find our prices surprisingly reasonable, We give special attention to books of a strange und unusual character—books that the ordinary city dealer does not dare to handle. We have a department of suppressed and unorthodox works. We have books for and against all sorts of religions and governments—against individual tyrants and majority despotisms—also against gods and idols of all kinds. We have Socialist books, also heathen and anarchist books by the ton—populist books—books on evolution and revolution—books on EugenicsMysticismBuddhismJudaism and Witchcraft. We have books upon electricityChristian Science and airships, upon manufacturingcommercefinance and business methods; also books upon lovecourtship and marriage and the training of the child, etc., etc.
If you would obtain wealth, fame or power as other men have done, don’t fill your mind with newspaper trash and magazine rubbish. If you feed your mind on commonplace authors you yourself will become commonplace. Read the books that lift you up, as it were, fill you with fire and force and make you a living terror to your foes. Volney, Nietzsche, Machiavelli, Plutarch, Redbeard, (the sayings of Bonaparte also), these are the kind of books to set your brain working. They will wake your soul (if you happen to have one,) and send you forth to do mighty things before your eyes grow dim and all your powers wane.
“Don’t read drivel—read the books that make you strong to dare and do.” —Arthur Desmond.
Second Edition
ISBN: 978-9198777598

The Growing Dawn and Spirit of the Lower North Side

By Edward C. Wentworth

The Growing Dawn and Spirit of the Lower North Side

Plays featuring characters based on Lillian Hiller Udell, Jack Jones, Jim Larkin, Sirfessor Wilkesbarre, and Stanislaw Szukalski.

"To the spirit of idealism and love for the beautiful that lingers in the youth of America."

Place and time Chicago 1922, and 1917. Bohemians, The Dil-Pickle Club, Dances, Lectures and Art

8.5" x 11"

RAGNAR REDBEARD'S UNMASKED POEMS: Batteries of pristine scorn and revolutionary songs

By Robert Carmonius

RAGNAR REDBEARD'S UNMASKED POEMS: Batteries of pristine scorn and revolutionary songs

Ragnar Redbeard's words are sung in works by Anton Szandor LaVey, Bernie Babcock, and Covington Hall. Labor papers and workers all around the world have reprinted and shouted out his proclamations with great enthusiasm. But what inspired Redbeard.

THIS IS A MAY DAY RELEASE—Straight from the Devil's Book Agents.

8,25" x 11"
ISBN-13: 978-9198777574
8.5" x 11"
ISBN-13: 978-9198777543

MENACE CARTOONS: Fun and Facts (Illustrated)

By Bruce Malcolm Phelps



(Some Pointed Paragraphs, the Which Was Scribbled to Scan)


A big eighty-page book full of pictures that puncture popery, and point a moral concerning Rome in American politics.

Red-hot cartoons sandwiched with pointed paragraphs and pertinent poetry.

Every friend of THE MENACE will want a copy. Why not get it now while they are new and plenty!


Book Department AURORA, MISSOURI

World’s Headquarters for Anti-Papal Literature

92 Pages
ISBN-13: 978-9198777536

FATHER TOM AND THE POPE & Alphonse Daudet's History of the Pope's Mule (Illustrated)

By Sir Samuel Ferguson

Fater Tom and The Pope

by Sir Samuel Ferguson, keeper of the Irish Records. This charming little book is quite a literary gem, a burning satire, easily surpassing “Mr. Dooley.” In fact it is almost Rabelaisean in its rollicking hilarious humor.

“Father Tom and the pope” is not a great book, remember. We do not say it is; but it is a most delightful one. Some rays of the ancient genius of the people scintillate through it. The hero of the tale, Father Tom of Connemara, goes on a visit to the Vatican. He kisses the pope’s housekeeper, raises the dander of His Holiness thereby and creates no end of marvellous complications. —Richard Thurland


114 Pages
ISBN-13: 978-9198777529


By Samuel Albert Rosa

This book is intended as both a warning and a prediction.

 The writer is no Anarchist. He desires to see the inevitable change from capitalism to collectivism, facilitated by the peaceful action of an enlightened populace voting at the polls. The shedding of blood and the destruction of human life is as abhorrent to him as it is to the most humane philanthropist; but he perceives that the present tendency of affairs political, financial and economic in Australia, is towards the annihilation of the middle-class, and the reduction of the proletarians to a condition of abject subjection. Humiliated and degraded slaves have but one remedy, a servile revolt which might and probably would take the form of the violent and bloody upheaval sketched in this book. To avoid such a catastrophe, it is necessary to have an awakening of public spirit, of a sufficiently determined, searching and energetic nature to secure the purification of governments, the making of good laws and their wise administration.


48 Pages
ISBN-13: 978-9198777512



By John Basil Barnhill

1912-1914. No. 1-6

The inevitable effect of Socialism would be to sacrifice liberty on the altar of a procrustean conception of equality.

 In the interest, therefore, a political freedom which it violates and derides; in the interest of commercial freedom which it openly seeks to destroy; in the interest of Art and Genius which it would sterilize; in the interest of the Democratic principles which it contravenes; in the interest of the home which it threatens, Socialism must be destroyed.
The first issue was to be published in 1911, and the title was then The Anti-Socialist. Read more here.

John Basil Barnhill (1864-1929) Noted anti-socialist writer, politician, lecturer, debater, and editor of various journals including: 

-The Eagle and The Serpent, "A Journal of Egoistic Philosophy and Sociology." 1898-1902 (under pseud. John Erwin McCall)

-The Nationalist, "A Journal for Free Peoples and for Peoples Struggling to be Free." 1900-1902

-The American Anti=Socialist, "An organ of Jeffersonian Democracy." 1912-1914

-Humanity First, "The orderly evolution of society can be secured only by the abolition of interest." 1919-1921


90 Pages
ISBN-13: 978-9198777505


By Desmond Dilg (Arthur Desmond and Will H. Dilg)



A Romance of AMBITION, LOVE and War.

Being the tale of a Vice-President, a Major-General and three brilliant and beautiful women.

Ragnar Redbeard's Might is Right ends thus: Book II will be issued when circumstances demand it.

Guess what, the 1903 novel Rival Caesars is Book II.

The story begins in the colonial days, when Burr and Hamilton were both young men in New York and continue until after the fatal duel. It is supposed that both the “Rival Caesars” were members of a secret organization known as “The Iron Cross,” and in this way, as well as in some other respects, the story is given suggestion of the weird and occult.

Rival Caesars is more than just a romantic novel starring Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton, it was cleverly put together as a recruiting tool for Arthur Desmond and his revolutionary dreams. From Rival Caesars introductory notes; Therefore the readers of this book are expected to think between the lines. Nay, they are commanded so to do.