Fridaricka Anna Johanna Woldt Desmond

26 February 1882

4 May 1913


Fridaricka Anna Johanna Woldt Desmond

In August 29, 1904 Arthur Desmond and Fredericka J. Von Woldt, Tolleston, Ill,. gets permit to we by Clark County. On September 1, the 45-years-old Arthur Desmond marries the 22-years-old Fredericka Woldt.

In 1904 Arthur Desmond worked as the store manager for Ser-Vis Ice Cream and Candy Company which was owned by William E. Servis. (Desmond and incorporators S. O. Cavette, and J. S. Pooley got license for manufacturing ice cream and confectionary on May 25, 1903.) In January 1904, Desmond starts The Desmond Commercial Advertising Bureau, which consisted of Arthur Desmond, James Hogan, and S. O. Cavette. More information here.

In 1906, the Desmond's became parents as Fredericka on July 4, 1906 gave birth to Arthur Walther Konar Desmond, Oak Park, Cook County, Illinois, USA. (July 4, 1906 - April 2, 1977)

From The Times (Munster, Indiana) Thursday, Oct 28, 1909.


Sheriff Thomas Grant yesterday (Wednesday, Oct 27, 1909) took Mrs. Desmond of Tolleston to the insane asylum at logansport. Mrs. Desmond's case is a pitiful one. She was sent to the hospital and then to an asylum a year or so ago but was finally released when her condition semed to have improved.

In the meantime, her husband whom she married had deserted her and took their three-year-old child with him. At least the child cannot be found, and the poor woman went into another fit of insanity in her worry about the whereabouts of the child. She is only 22 years old. [By 1909 Fredericka would have been 27 years old,. Editor]

Arthur and Fredericka gets divorced in September 19, 1910. (see The Inter Ocean (Chicago, Illinois) 26 August, 1910) After the divorce, Arthur and their son Arthur Jr, went on with their lives together, while Fredricka, three years later, dies of pulmonary turberculosis on May 4, 1913.