LITTLE LUMPS by Gerald O'Conel Desmond April 1, 1909

LITTLE LUMPS by Gerald O'Conel Desmond April 1, 1909


Gerald O'Conel Desmond

Gene Debs says that, “the worst of socialism will be better than the best in capitalism.”




The modern worker gets a less proportion of the product than did the worker of twenty-five years ago.




Capitalism is a circus; with the worker doing the clown act for the benefit of a select audience of the “upper class.”




The petty trader may no more stay the inevitable trend of modern industry towards monopoly than a worm can block an express train.




A little foolishness now and then is excusable. But we workers don’t want to play the economic ass all the time. Let’s be sensible for a change.




The man who owns the machine controls your job. The control of your job makes him master of your life. You will be your own master just as soon you own the machine and the job yourself.




You know that your interest is bound up in your wages and your employer’s in his profit, and you will listen and believe what you hear about the community of interest between capital and labor. Where are your brains?




One of the best advertisements socialism across the sea has had of late years is the list of names of the patrons of the English anti-socialist league. The list includes four dukes, about a dozen lords and goodness knows how many right honorable and sirs. A nice bunch indeed.




Early in the morning the farmer’s work begins,

To milk the gentle bossy he is up before the sun;

He plows all day and scatters the fruitful seeds about—

His work is never ended till the stars are out.

And yet, the farmer is not rich—his wealth might well be greater,

He works for the machinery trust—banks, railroads, elevator.

Oh, Brother Rheube, consider, and you will quickly see,

You’re only working for a wage, the very same as me:

And so I reckon, Rheuben, the best that you can do:

Is to join the workers party and vote the tickets too.

Cotton’s Weekly, Thursday, April 1, 1909

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