New Zealander Arthur Desmond, (1859-1929) was a poet, author, unionist, and agitator. He was an unconventional and radical political activist who fought hard for the worker’s rights. Nowadays he is probably most famous for having written the infamous 1896 book MIGHT IS RIGHT—his Social Darwinist Thundering Opus under the pseudonym Ragnar Redbeard.
In June 1890 Arthur Desmond got his article “Christ as a Social Reformer,” published in “Zealandia,” a Dunedin magazine. The article quickly became popular and in October he arranged for it to be printed as a pamphlet by Mr. Arthur Cleave, of Vulcan lane.
Presented here for the first time since 1890 is Arthur Desmond’s “Christ as a Social Reformer & Writings in Red”—which includes Mr. Van Deusen’s article “Ecclesiastical Christianity versus Jesus.” This is a collection of Desmond’s writings, poetry, and correspondence. All his published works in Zealandia. His Union and strike articles. Critiques and controversy between the years 1889-1891.

Published By Ragnar Redbeard

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