Might is Right The Thundering Opus of Ragnar Redbeard

“Razors pain you,

Rivers are damp,

Acids stain you,

And drugs cause cramp.

Guns aren't lawful,

Nooses give,

Gas smells awful.

You might as well live.” —Dorothy Parker.

Might is Right - The Thundering Opus of Ragnar Redbeard

The Fortean Society to republish Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard LL.D.

In 1931 at a meeting held in Charles Hoy Fort's flat in New York, the formation of The Fortean Society took its form, their main focus to promote Charles Fort's ideas. Other founding members of the Fortean Society included Tiffany Thayer, Ben Hecht, Booth Tarkington, Alexander Woolcott, and Dorothy Parker.


How many remember the thundering opus of Ragnar Redbeard LL.D., that Nietzsche of Chicago, the Max Stirner of Evanston, who nourished 1903-1925 A.D.? He had previously operated in London, was supposed to own a cattle ranch “in Montana”, and was put forward as “a literal re-incarnation of Wodin”. We have a copy of his book, MIGHT IS RIGHT, from MFS Roueche. If sufficient interest is shown, the Society will republish this work, or see that it is republished.

A Thousand Books of Fame

Jews, Christians, Masons, and politicians of every race, creed, and color take a hand drubbing under phrases that remove the hide without anesthetic. The author’s Forteanism is far from perfect, but his attack upon this civilization of, by and for “mental geldings”, should be a part of every Fortean’s literary heritage.

Doubt - Vol. 15, 16 FS = 1947

Robert Carmonius


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