Ragnar Redbeard Archive & Publisher proudly present "SUPPLEMENT to HARD CASH" 22 October 1893. A supplement to the last issue of HARD CASH before Arthur Desmond published "THE STANDARD BEARER." Warts and all, it is a great piece of history.


There is a legal and anointed robber of the poor in the N. S. W. parliament named Bruce Smith, who ostentatiously refuses (with putty neumon) any direct payment for his legislative exertions but take good care to enrich himself and his jesuitic accomplices by engineering ‘private enterprise’ swindles through a corrupt drunken and demoralized parliament. He is chairman of the Colonial Finance Mortgage Investments & Guarantee Corporation (Limited), a three ball insolvent Jew-shop that runs the Imperial Arcade—the Empire Hotel and various other poison dens in numerous parts of the city and suburbs. This company carries on upon the usual glowing false pretenors and its last balance sheet is an eye-opening study in the science of elusive Theft. Its nominal capital is £300,000 of which only £65,000 has been paid up. It organized to establish alcoholic hot-beds of vice and crime at the street corners, also to blackmail the general public per medium of the mortgaged Arcade shopkeepers. A City Railway Bill was to have been ‘pushed’ through parliament, absolute bribery like the Bank issue Piracy and the terminus was to be situated so that all the passenger traffic might gravitate through the Arcade. The shareholders had thus the prospect before them of fat dividends for which most men and nearly all politicians would barter their souls. The Government of which this Jew pillage was than a member being defeated, his predatory railway job got nipped in the bud and is not likely to be renegotiated whilst a rival Ring of Robbers are hailing up a pigeon-hearted populist and

looting the State Treasury. Consequently the flaring mantrap hotels of the company are depreciating in value at a tremendous rate. They hardly pay working expenses whilst the shops and pillars go a hireing at 75% reduction. Therefore the early collapse of this ‘corporation’ may be confidently predicted. The Commercial Bank of A (now preparing in plunder its clients a second time) has a lien over the company of £22,488 probably at 9% and its freehold is mortgaged for over £14,000. Unpaid calls are set down at £10,000 although two of the directors have been working on I.O.U’s from the first. The majority of the shareholders unable to meet calls.

The Directors are David Wilson. —J. B. Christian. —Bruce Smith (of ‘Shoot them down like dog’s notoriety)—Wm. Beaumont. —John Callaghan. —and Leonard Dodd’s, all of them as sharp as needles at the lucrative business of flogging the general public. Many of the shareholders are pillars of the Church, even uniformed priests.

What rotten hearts such men must possess who insult the Almighty with lip-service and salaams while plotting in their sacred hearts how to make money from the licensed poisoning of the brains and bodies of the unfortunate and the weak. If there is a ministerial hall, with lakes of blazing liquid fire (other than the one in which we dwell) it is too good for such usurious human carnivores. A complete list of the men who have been ruined by the calculated extortions of the above company would fill this paper many times over. One example will suffice. Mr. Harsher of St. Peters owned some brickworks. Some time ago he got into temporary difficulties, and in an evil hour he visited the company. Once he got on their books he was like a fly in a spider’s web. The more he struggled to free himself the more he became enmeshed. To-day Bruce Smith & co has his property whilst his home is broken-up & he himself is a wanderer on the face of the earth—fossicking on old goldfields, or carrying the “national debt” along the waterless fracks of the West. His family is scattered and his son is a hireling in the service of the villainous Jews who shove his father.

It is such merciless commissionaires like Bruce Smith, McMillian, Dibbs, Barton, R. J. Black etc. who continuously foment Reclusion’s and bring foreign Naval and Military Armaments to crush out popular Liberty in peasant Commonwealths.

By Bank thievery, the wholesale embezzling of State Loans also stealing the Public Lands such men have endeavoured to grow rich. They have failed ignominiously and Vengeance is close on their heels in guise of Liquidators. For lesser robberies than are being daily perpetrated in Sydney and Melbourne by governing Rings of unscrupulous scoundrels bloody battles have been fought and the satraps of alien Tribute-gatherers executed with rifle-volleys against the marble columns of their own blood-cemented Counting-houses.

Printed by Thomas Cobham Chapel Street Windsor Melbourne—for the HARD CASH proprietors. Oct 22 1893.



WHEREAS a Sydney magazine known as HARD CASH has printed and published certain true information regarding the insolvency of our most Righteous Banks and Bankers.


WHEREAS it has openly asserted that divers Members of Parliament, august Statesmen and Holy High Priests of the Church of Christ, and Rebels, Embezzlers and Freebooters, and secret accomplices of Legislative Land Thieves and English Financial Extortioners.


WHEREAS the solvency of the A.J.S. Bank—the Commercial Bank and the Bank of N.S.W. must be uphold in the eyes of the wicked world (whether they are solvent or not) in order that the Lords of Parliament — the Possessors of the Earth—the chiefs of the Stock Exchange—the Bishops, Archbishops and Deacons may not be confounded and lose the ‘thrift’ they honestly acquired by careful and honourable skinning of the servile Multitude.


WHEREAS the “Savings” Bank of New South Wales must also be maintained inviolate as it collects the thrift of the serviles into one central reservoir so that the said thrift may be more conveniently annexed to provide dividends for the aforesaid High Priests, Financial Nobles and heaven-born Statesmen—including US and Our illustrious advisers.

THEREFORE, it is enacted by me, Edmund Barton, Czar (Chief Ruler of the Law) with the approbation of every “Right thinking” Moneylender and Stock-Exchange agent, that the aforesaid villainous publication is now and henceforth and eternally SUPPRESSED.

FURTHERMORE, anyone found reading it shall be flogged and anyone found selling it shall be imprisoned for the term of his natural life in one of Her Majesty’s Torturing Houses — also: that anyone found printing it shall be loaded with chains, branded with a red-hot iron and sent to the “Never Return” Island Convict Settlement — and that the editor be poisoned with Strychnine and thereafter hung in chains as soon as the bloodhounds of the ‘LAW’ have run him down.

Given under my hand and seal this blessed 22 day of October 1893.


Attorney General, Press Censor and Chief Grand Inquisitor for the Associated Bankers.

God save the Queen.

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