Includes and adaption on Ragnar Redbeard's "Might is Right."


Includes and adaption on Ragnar Redbeard's "Might is Right."

Build the Ships.

(Special for W.A. “Truth” by Grant Hervey.)

THE TRUTH, Mars 20, 1909

Asiatic newspapers to hand by the last mail state that on December 5th the Mikado reviewed the Japanese Fleet at Kobi. There were one hundred and ten vessels in line, including all the vessels captured from the Russians. Every ship was in spick and span order and ready to do battle.—News item.

A Thousand Books of Fame

The Commonwealth at present, possesses eleven ships of war. One was launched in 1869 and most of the others not later than 1884. Everyone of these vessels is obsolete. Very few can take the sea. All are death-traps, better fitted for the scrap-heap than for any other purpose. They are now so much lumber, and the money spent on the upkeep of these effete and worthless vessels is sheer waste.—The “Age” 21/1/’09.

A Japanese fleet is to visit Australia in the early part of the year.—Cable.

Beyond the seas the Monkey’s ships go steaming strong and proud;

His cannon from their roaring lips have flung their challenge loud;

His mighty Fleet with shotted guns is ready for the fray;

Behold his strength—the modern Huns have thrown their bows away!

We prate of peace and Parliaments, but heed the deathless law;

’Tis fighting ships and armaments that keep the world in awe!

The precious years go drifting past—our ships are rotting through;

Now wake at last and build them fast—aye, build the Cruisers New!

O land, give over dreaming dreams—shall “each man have his own”

When seaports ring with women’s screams and ravished wives lie prone!

Shall votes avail, ye meek-eyed thralls, when shells are plunging home;

When armored Asia’s cannon balls make wreck of tower and dome?

Ere rolls the flood of bitter tears, this Truth your hearts should know—

’Tis modern ships and cannoneers ye need to face the foe!

Our floating scrap-heaps hug the shore—they dare not go to sea;

How long, O land shall we thus stand and face our Destiny!

If ye would play the Iron Game—an ye would face Japan

Your rifled guns must fling their flame from turrets spick and span!

What curse is on your cankered brains—how long shall ye delay?

’Tis fighting strength that proudly reigns—not slumber and decay;

Put not your trust in flimsy laws—have faith alone in steel;

Shall Statutes save Australia’s cause when beaten cohorts reel?

The priests may prate of Golden Rules, may hymn their creed of pain;

The world is strown with slaughtered fools who breathed that Gospel vain;

The sword-strong Nations rule to-day—the weak lift futile moans;

When ships and forts are shot away, who cares for blood and bones?

Ye saw the doom of vanquished Spain—what nation cared a damn

When beaten ships sank ’neath the main, destroyed by Uncle Sam?

Ye saw the twain Republics writhe beneath Bull Cohen's heel;

Who heeded then their anguished call?—they bowed ’neath shot and steel!

Think ye that distant lands shall aid, when comes your grappling hour?

With careless eye they’ll saunter by—Build up Australia’s power!

The Germans learnt on Jena's held Napoleon’s ruthless creed;

When swordless hands defeated yield, the weak can only bleed!

The world looked on while Paris fell and Bismarck played his game;

The Teuton learnt his lesson well—burnt in with blood and flame!

The Gospel of the Ancient world—’tis true, O land, to-day;

The weaklings still are tombward hurled and trampled into clay—

If ye are fit, then ye may reign—’tis earth’s primordial law;

Aye, might is right—when victors smile, the weak are beaten straw!

Beyond the seas the Monkey’s fleet goes steaming strong and proud;

Your worthless ships are obsolete—he flings his challenge loud!

Australia’s Fleet with shotted guns must bar the foeman’s way;

Where is your strength?—the modern Huns are ready for the fray!

Ye prate of peace and Parliaments—now heed the deathless law;

’Tis steel-clad ships and armaments that keep the world in awe!

Aye, what’s the use of dreaming dreams—our ships are rotting through;

’Tis time our ships were on the slips—our Ships of Battle New!

Ragnar Redbeard "Might is Right."


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