PROPAGANDISTS and SPEAKERS should read Might is Right

"POINTS FOR PROPAGANDISTS AND HINTS FOR SPEAKERS." Read Might is Right, it is written to give assistance to speakers in the revolutionary fight. —The Communist, 1921.

PROPAGANDISTS and SPEAKERS should read Might is Right

This article "PROPAGANDISTS and SPEAKERS should read Might is Right" is written to give assistance to speakers in the revolutionary fight. It is apparent that some speakers for the Revolution are not thoroughly conversant with enough startling facts that will leave a deep imprint on the average mind—facts which, when dealt with convincingly, will make an average audience of wage-slaves realize their class position in society. Points of great importance to speakers run as follows:


The study of mob psychology; and in this connection "The Crowd," by Gustave Le Bon, is a book that can be recommended to be read. Also regarding the crowd again, the crimes and the atrocities of the master class cannot be too frequently pointed out, as these carry the greatest weight with the average mind.


Leading facts showing the development of capitalism to-day are of the utmost importance to be explained and interpreted in the light of current events. The fact of the worker being exploited in the process of production cannot be stressed too often, as this fact, when realized, will force into being a stronger industrial organization. The fact of the development of modern machinery from the steam age to the oil age, and thence to the electric age, with the rapid increase of production and the parallel rapid increase of unemployment, are points of paramount importance which must be repeated again and again.

A Thousand Books of Fame

The facts of the workers, getting poorer and poorer and the masters getting richer, as is borne out by many press reports and statements by leading statisticians—for instance, 18,000 now millionaires—sprang up in the U.S.A. during the late war—these facts should be hammered well into the minds of the audience. The United States is producing approximately about four times as much as Britain today. The world market is diminishing. The open markets of China are the only ones now remaining for the world's capitalists to exploit.

There are now indications of a huge world war between the leading nations over the matter of the Chinese markets. The open shop to-day is well established in the U.S.A., and unions have been smashed up in the reduction-of-wages campaign. It is evident that the master class are making a desperate effort to survive, and by the reduction of wages and the lengthening of hours, where possible, they are trying to save themselves from the onrushing tide of financial disaster.

Even the robber class themselves have been forced to point out that the German indemnity, either paid in cash or in commodities, means greater unemployment and greater starvation for the workers of the Allied countries. The collapse of capitalism is inevitable. No power on earth can hold it back. The workers must organize their might to combat any force that the ruling class may bring against them.


In conclusion, propagandists & speakers are advised to read the following books:— The classics of Marx and Engels and Lenin and Trotsky; "Might is Right," by Ragnar Redbeard; "War—What for?" by G. Kirkpatrick; "Red Europe," by Frank Anstey; "Increased Production," by George Dagger; "Money Power," by Frank Anstey; "The Coming War with America,'' by John McLean; and all other leading books of a like character.


The Communist, 17 June 1921

Robert Carmonius


Archive & Publisher