Read The REVIEW OF REVIEWS and hear the song of REDBEARD in your soul

Go! trace your fate in the Iron-Game is the Logic of To-Day.

Read The REVIEW OF REVIEWS and hear the song of REDBEARD in your soul




The man who invented the “Review of Reviews” was a genius! He deserves to go down to posterity (as he surely will) as the greatest journalistic genius of the 19th century. To a busy man who wants to know what the world is saying, doing, and thinking, this magazine comes as a boon and a blessing of the first order, We, in Australia, get into the town-pump idea that we are the centre of the universe, and wo do that in spite of ourselves. It doesn’t matter how wise we pretend to be, but when we get to New Zealand or France, or any other foreign country, we are amazed to find how little the people know about Australia. If it wasn’t for our cricketers and our boxing kangaroos the big, busy world would scarcely ever hear about us.

A Thousand Books of Fame

This “Review of Reviews” gathers up the fragments (more than seven baskets full) and scatters them round to us; and we learn, with a gasp maybe, that if we were all swept off by a tidal wave it wouldn’t make much difference to the world. My own opinion is that if our mud-ball were swept out of its orbit and into the furnace of the sun it wouldn’t make any great stir in the universe—but that’s a detail!

This “Review” lets you know what’s going on abroad, and how the kings and kaisers are playing at chess, with poor cringing mortals for pawns. It knocks the bottom out) of our dreams of universal brotherhood, and after you’ve read it you can hear the song of the “Redbeard” in your soul—

“Then what’s the use of dreaming dreams

—that each shall get his own

By forceless votes of meek-eyed thralls

—who blindly sweat and moan?

A curse is on their cankered brains

—their very bones decay;

Go! trace your fate in the Iron-Game is the

Logic of To-Day.”

I’d like to get all our readers to take this “Review of Reviews.” It’s the very thing for the bush, because it gives you a glimpse of the great world’s doings, and it’s voice is for peace all the time. In the current number there is an article on “Has war become impossible?” that is well worth reading. It puts into good, logical form the paradox of Buckle’s that the invention of gunpowder was the first great step towards universal peace. It proves that the supposed paradox was a great truth, as Buckle himself asserted.

There is a full page picture from the “Bulletin” of “The Team for the ‘Twentieth’ Test Match,” by the rising young artist W. J. Falconer. There are extracts from everything, and the whole tone of the magazine is for federation, peace, and love. The price of it is 9d, and our “Folio” will send it to you on the best possible bed-rock terms.