SERIES OF LECTURES ARRANGED by Summerland Local 1912

G. O. D. will lecture

SERIES OF LECTURES ARRANGED by Summerland Local 1912

G. O. D. arranged to lecture

Gerald Desmond will lecture again.

The Summerland Review, Summerland B.C., September 27, 1912



Summerland Local of the Socialist Party of Canada will meet every Monday night through the winter, for the discussion of questions of sociology, economics, and philosophy. The meetings will be held, until further notice, at Jack Logie's house in the Peach Orchard, and will begin at eight o'clock.

A lecture will be given or paper read on topics under discussion, and then an open debate will follow. All are invited to these meetings, and should sufficient interest be manifested arrangements will be made for a larger meeting place.

Gerald Desmond Books

The Local extends a challenge to any organization in the Okanagan Valley, or any number of capitalist peach-growers, to debate the question of Socialism, anytime and anywhere.

Below is given the syllabus for the term ending Dec. 16th:




Sept. 30.

A Night with Karl Marx. A sketch of the life of the great economist.

J. W. S. Logie.

Oct. 7.

The Political Economy of Socialism. A definition of use, exchange and surplus-values.

Gerald Desmond.

Oct. 14.

Industrial Unionism. An analysis' of trade-unions, syndicalism and sabotage.

R. M. Roger.

Oct. 21.

Evolution, Social and Organic. Traces the growth of organisms, physical and social.

W. Simpson.

Oct. 28.

Primitive Christianity and its Relation to the Working Class. A history of the ancient lowly.

A. W. McLeod.

Nov. 4.

Beyond the End. What modern science has to say about immortality.

Mrs. A. L. Gillespie.

Nov. 11.

Socialism versus Anarchy. The rights of men or the rights of man.

G. H. Van Hise.

Nov. 18.

Economic Determinism. A definition of the materialist conception of history.

Gerald Desmond.

Nov. 25.

Socialism and the Temperance Question. How this question would be; solved under a co-operative system.

A. W. McLeod.

Dec. 2.

Instinct and Heredity.

H. W. Atkins.

Dec. 9.

The Evolution of the Woman. A sketch of her past and a forecast of her future status.

Mrs. A. L. Gillespie.

Dec. 16.

Socialism and War. Defines the position of the working classes as to militarism.

H. J. Wells.