"Don't read drivel—read books that make you strong to dare and do." —Arthur Desmond.


Ancient wisdom

More Logic of To-day By Ragnar Redbeard

The law of battle. —Darwin.

Mind your own business. —Solon.

Every man for himself.—Achilles.

Woe to the vanquished. —Brennus.

Hell takes the hindmost—Napoleon I.

The survival of the fittest. —H. Spencer.

To thine own self be true. —Shakespeare.

We must have men of spirit. —Cromwell.

Be strong and of high courage. —Psalmist.

The struggle for existence. — A. R. Wallace.

Do others or they will do you. — Jay Gould.

Blessed are the strong for they shall inherit the earth. Cursed are the weak for they shall inherit the yoke. —Ragnar Redbeard.

A Thousand Books of Fame

There is no “Law” in heaven or earth that man most needs obey!

Take what you can, and all you can, and take it while you — may.

Let not the Jew-born Christ ideal unnerve you in the fight;

You have no 'rights' except alone the rights you win by Might.

There is no Justice, Right, nor Wrong, no Truth, no Good, no Evil;

There is no “Man's Immortal Soul,” no fiery fearsome Devil.

Life is a duel and the fittest only can succeed;

If you'd survive, go to, and put, some fitness in your deed,

This world is no Nirvana where joy-for-ever flows;

It is a gruesome butcher shop where dead lambs hang in rows.

Man is the most ferocious of all the beasts of prey;

He rangeth round the mountains to love and feast and slay;

He sails the stormy oceans, he gallops o'er the plains,

And sucks the very marrow-bones of captives held in chains.

Death endeth all for every man, for every “son of thunder”;

Then be a lion (not a “lamb”) and —DON’T BE TRAMPLED UNDER.

Ragnar Redbeard.

THE WORKER, WAGGA, 12 May 1900