Reprinted from "Redberd's Review."F


Reprinted from "Redberd's Review."

History and Critique

In the pages of history, certain individuals emerge as agents of transformation, kindling the flames of inspiration and rallying masses towards a shared vision. One such luminary is Marcus Garvey (Marcus Mosiah Garvey, 17 August 1887 – 10 June 1940), a formidable figure of the early 20th century whose unwavering spirit and visionary leadership made an enduring impact on the quest for racial equality and self-determination.


Join us as we navigate through the history and critique of the life and times of Marcus Garvey, a visionary leader whose legacy transcends borders and generations, igniting a flame that refuses to be extinguished—a lasting testament to the transformative power of an individual on a global scale.

Redbeard’s Review (1896-1929) featured articles and quotations often reprinted in journals like The Lion’s Paw: A Journal of the Gods, edited by Richard Thurland (Arthur Desmond 1859-1929 "Ragnar Redbeard"), Sayings of Redbeard, The Sayings of Nietzsche, The Famous Sayings of Max Stirner, as well as magazines like The Industrial Worker. These publications predominantly promoted Arthur Desmond’s bookselling businesses, known over the years as Thurland and Thurland, The House of Gowrie, and Gold Coast Book Store in Chicago.

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