OUR OWN PAPERS by Gerald Desmond March 11, 1909

LOUR OWN PAPERS by Gerald Desmond March 11, 1909


Contributed by Gerald Desmond

We workers should support our own papers. This is particularly true of the radical and socialist element. Without a fearless, uncompromising press it is almost impossible to build up a strong working class movement. We cannot expect the plute and old party papers to help us.

Our press must be our own, devoted entirely to the cause, and published with one aim—the teaching of the principles of socialism and the uniting of the people in the movement. The literary standard of our press should be high.

The adherence to vital principles unswerving. When a paper makes good in these particulars it should be supported.

COTTON’S WEEKLY is making good!

It is attaining a high literary standard. It is working in harmony with the principles of international socialism and the international movement. It is fearless and outspoken and therefore, it deserves the support of all class-conscious socialists, and all workers discontented with present industrial conditions.

G. D. (Gerald Desmond)


Cotton’s Weekly, Thursday, March 11, 1909

A new book containing two forgotten works by GERALD DESMOND, (Arthur Desmond, 1859-1929, "Ragnar Redbeard")

EASY LESSONS is another new book by GERALD DESMOND, (Arthur Desmond, 1859-1929, "Ragnar Redbeard")