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*HARD KASH is a pseudonym used by Arthur Desmond, a.k.a. Ragnar Redbeard.
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—General Gourko.


CHAP. V. Sydney. January, 21, 1894.


Anarchists are described by the Premier Bishop of Christendom as “lost men exhibiting remarkable audacity in ruining public authority.” In the heyday of Imperial Old Rome the corrupt priesthood of the Pagan Shrines denounced the early Christians in almost the same words. It is also a striking coincidence that Christ was himself arraigned, tried and executed upon a charge of endeavouring to undermine and ruin Authority, as represented by Tiberius the Ruler, Pilate the Judge, and Caiaphas the High Priest.

The Premier of N. S. W. solemnly informs us that a number of Democratic M-P’s (who are not already bargained for) have been approached in order to obtain their valuable support for hurrying through the Bank Notes Bill. What were they approached with? Promises of billets, shares, cheques or cash on delivery! If with hard cash where was it procured? By the way Italian members of parliament were very neatly approached by the bank of Rome with a £1,000 for each, and were thereupon usually energetic in pushing through a Legal Tender Bill under the operation of which the Nation had been bankrupted & impoverished. The French M-P’s were also curiously enough successfully approached by Baron Hirsch to pass the panama Canal Bill which cost France £60,000,000 sterling. Such swindles only happen in far away and benighted Europe—never in Australia—no never.

Land for the Landless and homes for the Homeless—in Matabeleland. Farms have been staked out representing 1,000,000 acres for the men who worked the maxim guns. The spoils for the Strongest is the only practical politics for men who mean business. Far too much sentimental economics spouted by Australian Democracy. Matabeleland was a vast cattle station last year—next it will probably be covered with smiling homesteads and fields of waving grain.

JOHN DAVIES & Co (Limited)

John Davies C M G seems to be the sole proprietor of the Pitt Street Temperance hall although the building was erected and afterword’s subsidised by government grants- “The N S W Alliance for the suppression of Intemperance” is the nominal owner but Davies & Co seems to be the Alliance as far as finance is concerned. It is probably five years since outsiders saw a balance sheet although large sums are annually collected as rent and subscription—to be spent God knows how. The property is worth probably £20,000 and it is a crying shame that a public institution established for a beneficent purposes should practically become the private property of one or two men and be used for purposes that would make its founders turn in their graves. We believe a set of Trustees are in existence somewhere, and that the outgoing set nominates the incoming set. If the business of any institution is carried on in this “happy family” style it must soon be bankrupted or transformed into a private enterprise concern. It seems that there is mortgage and an overdraft probably with the Commercial Banking Co- No such Institution is perfect in this land of Liberty and Light without those two essentials. Christian Churches, Mantrap Hotels, poison-concocting Breweries, Charitable Societies and Good Templar Lodges are all more or less profit gathering agencies for those murderous mills of Dagon, generally known as Joint Stock Banks. Men whisper that John Davies & Co are paying off the mortgage in a most peculiar way—by means of a Life Insurance Policy; the premium  being financed by the aforesaid astute Trustees. It would do no harm if some official inquiry were made into the management of an institution that is enveloped in a cloud of such impenetrable mystery.

THE PULSE OF THE UNION BANK rises and falls in a very unusual, erratic, and alarming manner—with a general tendency towards feebleness. The Union has had a lot of very doubtful business, especially in Victoria. Its good business probably balanced its bad up to the middle of ‘91. It is impossible to keep losing transactions wholly sub roar and therefore when subsidiary companies default it always injuriously affects the stock quotations of the bank than financed them. After receipt of its new year balance sheet further attention will be paid to the Union. Its headquarters are in London, the monetary storm-centre of the year ‘94. Even if the threatening war clouds roll by, not ‘all the kings horses nor all the kings men’ can save the balloon-like Credit System of modern Carthage from world-shaking Breakdown.

Australian ‘Statesmen’ are general the mortgaged bond-slaves of the Great Financial Mills. They are under the whip of Shylock all the time they are lying and posturing to the easily satisfied mobs of hurrahing and hungry slaves. For instance John Donaldson, an M L A who lately went insolvent, was indebted to the Q Deposit Bank £1,000—to the Commercial of Australia—to the notorious Mathew Davies Gang £2,800—to the Queensland National £3,000. Now suppose those banks desired special legislation to facilitate Usury Swindles and Land Stealing, would not Mr. Donaldson be compelled to vote as the manager dictated; or risk foreclosure, bankruptcy & ruin? It is thus easily understood that Progress and Prosperity can never be other than intermittent as long as we choose out Legislators from the share registers of Land and Wool Pawnoffices or the hypothecated human spaniels of local and foreign Bankers. Another instance in proof of the above conception is the insolvent schedule of Henry Gore ex M L C Melbourne—£24,000 owing to the Bank of New South Wales—the merchantil £2,300. In New Zealand the plundering Continuous Ministry were almost all under harrows. Up Queensland way the Banks own Mellwraith & Company body and soul. As for Victoria and New South Wales Parliaments and Ministries are as so many monkeys on a chain gibbering on barrel organs while Rothchild or Mundella or Joshua, or Levi, calmly turns the handle and grinds out amid the plaudits of the base the vulgar and the wealthy lower orders, delectable tunes from the psaltry of King Shentpershent.

Upon “the unmeshed and defaulting bantam states of Australasia” one of the most clear visioned Journalists in Europe writes thus—“Let them have their parliaments, and their dissolutions and this puppet up and that puppet down, till they get weary of it and INVENT SOMETHING BETTER for themselves. If they cannot learn to govern themselves, well they must sink under control of some native autocracy, born of a demagogue ridden social pithlessness. Their loads now crush them down. In a year or two they will be in a state of despair. It will be totally impossible for them to meet the enormous charge for interest of all kinds which have been laid upon them, and not only will they have insuperable difficulty in meeting these charges so far as incurred by their ‘governments’, but the very life will be bled out of the People by the dead mortgages under which they stagger along. This land is not free. The would-be settler cannot get a homestead to make all his own by cultivation in any part of the country where his land is worth having. All has been grabbed and jobbed and mortgaged. ‘This must be put to an end to by some means or another’.

Many of the Insurance offices have lost heavily from general depreciation and mortgage default. The A M P for instance, is writing down values. Mr. Teeee its actuary is something of a financial Jesuit and he in a cloud of words informs us that the company is not booming. The Directors of the A M P are all more or less connected with the reconstructed banks—notably Sir Joseph Abbot speaker of the Legislative Assembly who so despotically used the Cloture to pass Bank Bills in which he was pecuniarily interested.

“It is therefore prudent to expect that within a years’ time or less some of these reconstructed banks will again topple over. Then the whole turmoil will begin again. Distrust now slumbering will break out anew, and probably cause several of the banks now standing to go over to the majority. The next state of these unhappy (AUS) settlements will therefore be a good deal worse than the present. It is an outlook inexpressibly dreary but where dishonesty & lying take the place of straight forwardness there is nothing else to be expected. Such an outcrop of unabashable blackguardism as these Austr Bank Suspensions have exhibited never took place before in the whole history of finance.” —Investors Review


“For I know how manifold are your transgressions and how mighty are your sins—ye that afflict the just, and take a bribe, and turn away the needy-in-the-gate from their Right”—Ames V. 12.

As the voice of one crying in the wilderness cometh a holy moan from one Rev J White. According to this after-the-event-Prophet the financial crisis is a direct manifestation of the Divine Vengeance upon an immoral and dishonest nation. This view of the matter is perfectly in accordance with facts. Both God and Nature are relentless. Let one jot one tittle of the Law be broken and Revenge will someday overtake the breaker of it whether one man or nation. If a man transgresses the physical laws he becomes diseased and dies. So it is with races and communities. God has no mercy. Let a community degrade itself and as sure as fate it will be wiped out either by slow decay or fire and sword. England is the most immoral and hypocritic Empire on Gods earth and the men are now born who will see it a desolation and a by-word among men. The denunciation of this man White while being in accord with the Newest and the Oldest thought is not very acceptable to the loan jobbers—labor exploiters—stock Exchange swindlers and land gamblers, who in this city anyhow are a set of unscrupulous and unmitigated God insulting thieves. What even is our parliament but a den of eloquent liars and as for the clergy, the majority at least, they are mixed up with the politicians and financiers in every money-making infamy. They share the profits of the white, the black and the yellow slave trade. They as shareholders in Land, Investment & Mortgage Companies own up and run for gain, public houses tote shops, breweries, distilleries, gambling halls and brothels. Then some of them, have snaffling effrontery to act the Censor from the altar of God when they themselves are ten times more sons of Belial than the wealthiest robber of the poor in their genuflecting congregations.

Bishop Julius (Church of England) Christchurch, New Zealand is a shareholder in the Commercial Bank of Australia a band of human vultures preying upon the Vitals of Victoria and pumping dividends out of Poverty & Hunger Foreclosure & Death.

Bishop Higgins (R. C.) is a shareholder in the Queensland National Bank. This Bank owns and controls the kanaka slave trade and uses its funds to oppress and plunder the people.

That Right Reverend Father in God Bishop Thornton D. D. of Ballarat (Episcopalian) is a shareholder in the National Bank of Australasia (in reconstruction) of which Riot-Act McMillan is Sydney’s managing Director.

Dean Macartney another most holy Man of Melbourne is also a would-be raker in of filthy lucre (to glory of Christ) through the same busted boom bank.

Bishop Martin Crane (R. C.) residing at the Palace Bendigo holds 125 shares in the Colonist Bank of Melbourne—not a very desirable investment.

My Lord Bishop Saumarez Smith is a shareholder in that struggling petty pawn office the City Bank of Sydney and receives a salary of £3 500 per annum for preaching “Thy Kingdom Come, Thy will be done on earth.”

Bishop S Reville who also resides at ‘The Palace’ Bendigo holds 125 preference shares in the Colonist Bank of Victoria which exemplifies a sentence from Isiah— “My thoughts are not your thought, neither are your ways my ways saith the lord.”

The Bishop of Rome has also £2 000 000 sterling invested in European National Debts. The Archbishop of Canterbury, who receives salary of £15 000 a year from the State and a palace to live in, is also an extensive speculator in stocks & shares.

The blood thirsty Bishop of Derry (who weeps so wildly for the butchering of the Matabele) has much Irish family plunder invested in the British South African Maxim Gun Chartered Company.

In the whole history of priestly Charlatanism (and it is extensive) there is nothing to equal the Christian Churches of modern times. Week in and week out cold-blooded lies are preached to brainless, drudging multitudes, as the Gospel of the Great Hebrew Redeemer—The whole world is desolated by Great Devil syndicates and millions & millions of animated machines calling themselves men are as a matter of business slowly murdered by ceaseless toil enslaved or shot down on battle fields in order that human hell-friends may collect their usury.

Church and state and press and banks are all in one Mighty Mammon League for the purpose of sharing the booty screwed by diabolic cunning from the nations of Earth. Bishops, Deacons, politicians, Financiers, Warriors, Kings and other dissimulating frauds are literary “The unnatural line of drones who heap toil and unvanquishable misery on— Those who build their palaces and bring their daily bread.

Almost every one of the Australian Banks have large sums sunk in that cursed thing the horrible kanaka slave traffic. These unto tannate islanders are lured from their homes by false pretence, chain-lightning rum and eighteenpence per week. Under the protecting guns of England Cruisers, the Kanaka is kidnapped and dragged away ‘to increase a strangers treasures’ in the canebrakes of jew-mortgaged Australian plantations. A Queensland MP thus graphically delineates some of the scenes NOW being enacted on, bank-owned slave-stations; “Kanakas when ill are flogged to death in order save expense’ * * 80 per cent of them are males and the immorality practiced is something sickening. In defiance of all law, human or divine all the horrors of a piebald lazar house are evolving under the fostering auspices of the Christian (?) Church and Purtinents.”

This Grand Swindle is most glaring in Queensland but in all parts of these Continent, Selectors, Graziers, and Workmen are being enslaved and plundered of their property,  by the machine like extortion practiced by the banks under the sympathetic aegis of Law, Authority, and Religion. Bank dividends—profits accumulated from grinding the faces of the poor—are literally wrung——“From vice, black, loathsome, vice

From rapine, madness treachery and wrong

From all that generates misery; and makes

Of earth a thorny wilderness—from lust

Revenge and Murder.”

Woe, woe to the robbers who gather

On fields where they never have sown

Who have stolen the wealth of the millions

And builded to Mammon a throne—

For the snow-king asleep by the fountains

Shall wake in the summers hot breath

And descend in his rage from the maountains

Bearing terror, destruction and death.

For the Lord of the harvest hath said it

Whose lips never uttered a lie

And his prophets and poets have read it

In symbols of earth and of sky—

That to him who has revelled in plunder

Till honour & conscience be dumb

The shock of the earthquake & thunder

And tempest and torrent shall come.”

[The above comes from JAN G. CLARKE's "Gates of The Future" or "THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE." -Ed.]

The Bank Notes Bill—“it is an open secret that is was framed at the instance of the Bank of New South Wales and the Australian Joint Stock *** it is the most important measure of the session.”—Table Talk Melb. [From: Table Talk, Melbourne, 1 December 1893 –Ed.]

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH is as unreliable a paper as there is in N S W although most enterprising. Its political articles are in a general sort of way, an insult to common sense. Nine tenths of its financial chatter is a conglomeration of undigested stock exchange lies and sophistry calculated for the purpose of hoodwinking the unwary. Of course the literary staff is in no way responsible for this.

They poor devils merely obey instructions and write to suit the pulse of the current stock Exchange lie and to placate or weedle the British Investors. Dalziels cable agent is the D T and anyone glanceing at the Australian messages in the English press would swear that Tom Peppers or Baron Munchhausen’s ghost had edited them. Political and financial cables are really beautifully faked up. During the Banking smash-up it would come out with a frantic leader today that the banks were all right. Next day two or three of them would “suspend for reconstruction” and impound millions of current accounts. Its stock and share quotations are true enough literally but the fool who puts his trust in them only will soon be a pauper or suicide. Any genuine man past his prime, would rather put a bullet through his skull than return to the ranks of working-class hi-elingism and hopeless slavery. The Telegraph is really owned by a ring of importing and money lending jews. Every now and then in order to delude the howling mob a flaming leaded leader appears predicting the early advent of the Golden Age if land is taxed “1d in the £”. It also whoops wildly now and again for free-trade in Chinese lepers, Kanakas coolies & brain drugged Englishmen also the blood smeared God cursed products of their fughtful slavery. Anyone who hints about a national bank& cheap money is according to the D T a purblind madman and as for confiscating the banker’s vast gold – gemmed estates in one act and dividing the same pro rata among the Landless, the homeless and the bankrupt that is anarchy pure and simple, we thy of Gods eternal anathema. A little while ago it raged furiously against the Dibbs Government. The threat of a libel action however by the premier and the ruin of one or two of its directors and the probably ruin of others in the banking overturn makes it sing a different tune. Now it purrs like a tame tabbycat and whines turtle-dove leap arêtes on the divine beauty that shimmers forth from Dibbs suspension of payment bills. Paper money based on a bottomless void is its latest scheme for robbing the public and as for Dibbs he is its Prophet of the Godsent. The Directors of the Daily Telegraph Company are JR Carey—a shareholder in scores of financial Jew shop banks (most of them cronk) ferries & breweris. H Gorman—R Sands—AJ Riley (a stock exchange speculator, shareholder in several banks & loan companies also like Dibbs connected with the bankrupt court)—Reginald J Black of the Bank of New South Wales (a statesman and an economist God bless your soul—also some time ago George Pile, stock broker, auctioneer, middle man and absorbent Commission Agent—JS Robertson. W Mc Millan of riot notorvety, a holy man of God. ‘Director of reconstructed National Bank of Australia’ is said to hold a considerable number of shares. Whisper it not in Dan tell it not in King St the business of retailing lies & truths and half truths to the public of New South Wales is not paying so will as formerly. Since the Herald reduced its price the DT has had to make a 10% wages-reduction and in other respects thus usurers Daily does not seem to be booming along at any extraordinary or alarming rate.

By the way, the following from a recent leader is a splendid specimen of the transparent and deliberate falsehoods retailed by it every morning to that great long eared gullible Jackass—the general public of New South Wales’ “There are no newspapers in the pay of politicians, or controlled by them for the promotion of private ends * * * as in England, the disclosure of such an abuse of Journalism would be denounced and resented by the public. Liberty is incompatible with a gagged or a subsidised press. In Australia the press is free from the charge of being in the pay or under the control of Politicians.”

"THE STANDARD BEARER" Edited By *HARD KASH - CHAP. V. Sydney. January, 21, 1894.

*HARD KASH - Another pseudonym used by Arthur Desmond (Ragnar Redbeard) -Ed.

The title to the land upon which Tooths brewery is built might possibly be questioned with success.

At present all is in a state of quiescence which the multitude of interested choose to treat a return of solvency. It is not quite that. By issues of inconvertible money, by peatpuning payments due, by forcing creditors to accept shares or long dated promissory notes instead of cash, a calmness as of stupor has been made of succeed the agony of fear. The Government of this or that settlement “is sending gold to London” the claquers inform us every other week by telegraph and newsletter. Look how Australia is reviving”. So! And where will these colonies be when all their gold has come home to us and they are left with paper? And when will the Rank and other rotten concerns which have gone bankrupt be when the time come round for payment of dividents & interest they cannot earn. The interested folly that treat the crisis as at an end when it has hardly begin will soon get its reward *   *   * This cannot go on another reckoning day must speedily come round another bank crisis It will come at the latest when the reconstructed banks again stop payment, as stop the majority of them must it may come with the bankruptcy of one or other of the Governments. That it will come soon is certain. Are banks still on ther feet to allow it to come while their shareholders and creditors are still in complete ignorance of their own true position? Do they mean to pursue the same fashion of secrecy and more less sham balance sheets? If they do the next wave of distrust which sweeps over Australia will destroy them —Investors Review.

Paper money issued on a gold basis of 2s in the £. That is the present position. When Dibbs new Bill passes’ (of course it will pass) the position will be—Paper money issued on an imagined basis of 2s in the £. The new shinplasters are to be redeemed someday—if possible. They are to be based on the off chance of collecting enough to redeem them from a man who is stone broke and who gave up the ghost last year.

The West Australian Bank declares a dividend of 17½ pe. The Trade Trust and Loan co 5pe. The Commercial banking company paid 25pe immediately before suspending payment. High dividends are therefore no proof of solvency often the reverse.

Hugh McKinnon M L A has upon the order paper of the House two most important notices of motion—(1) That a Select Committee be appointed with power to send for persons and papers to inquire into report upon the financial condition of all the  Banks which have availed themselves of the Bank Issue act. (2) That there be laid upon the Table of the House a list of shareholders (showing number of shares allotted to them) in each of the banks which have availed themselves of the above act.

The first motion is never likely to be passed. It would bring out too much and ruin the reputations of many prominent & powerful men. The banks that have so far gone into liquidation—the Federal New Oriental & Merchantile were every one of them systematically bled to death by one or two of the directors. It is broadly hinted that the same system is now worked for all it is worth in this city.

The second motion however ought to be unnecessary. The share registers of joint stock companies guaranteed by the state should be open at anytime to inspection by the Peoples representatives and press reporters. State subventions granted to companies of bankers are in every respect equivalent to lending Government money to private individuals. The names of the persons receiving such aid ought to be known—as a master of course.

THE AGONY AND BLOODY SWEAT OF THE THUMBSCREW is over the land. In all directions settlers and traders are being foreclosed upon and ruined. This is the generous thanks meted out to the people who have through parliament and otherwise granted a suspension of payment extending over many years to the Great semi insolvent Mortgage Agencies. During the height of the rush Parliament was hypnotized and terrorized into scurrying a paper money bill through both Houses in 24 hours. Nearly all the Democratic and labor members voted for it in defiance of their solemn pledges at the election. However a large number voted for it from private financial considerations but on the understanding that after the banks had been saved from the pressure of the moment that they in their turn would treat their debtors with the utmost leniency. The Machiavellian reconstruction schemes were also sheepishly acquiesced in amid the frothy oratory of such professional dissemblers as McMillian Service etc, and claquered by resounding hosannas of a leg ironed press. Depositors hoped against hope that as their money was to be locked up, the bank would grant them advances to carry on with upon reasonable terms. All the reconstructed banks faithfully promised “to be generous” but events have since proved that such promises were merely intended to deceive. Their generosity is well exemplified by callous foreclosures and 10pc or 12 pc interest charges upon skinflint overdrafts to the very man whose current accounts were boldly annexed. Of course this only proves that banks are Joint Stock Monsters without Honour or Mercy or Conscience.

The Bankers Relief Bill suspending gold payments is to be brought up again for the consideration of honourable members “under the guidance of Divine Providence” in a few days. Of course it MUST pass. Jehovah of the Three Golden Balls is an Omnipotent ‘Divine Providence’ not lightly to defied. Any villany will be boomed by the politicians of Australia if their idol opens his heart. The Country is racing headlong to Hell and all they seem to think of is how to whitewash and redeem from abysmal ruin a gang of Usurous Homestead-Wreckers such as Sir Danial Cooper and Co McMillian and Co or T A Dibbs and Co. Nevertheless one last word of warning—every Member who does not vote against that bill will be marked at the elections. His treachery to the people will be made to cost him dear. He who has ears to hear let him hear.

An article upon tyrant-quelling entitled “The man with the Dagger” held over for want of space.

The December quarterly bank Averages show an all round contraction of advances, and a persistent depletion of the comparatively insignificant metallic reserves. General distrust hangs over the City like a shadow of death, and everybody is realizing quietly for the Grand Dowcrash. The only bank that seems to stand the strain and even gain strength, is the Bank of N Z. Of course we speak specially of its Sydney branch. Much regret is freely expressed that it has not more branches.

For centuries Italy has been the happy home of Usury. As we write a bloody revolution is raging there. The Financiers have stolen the hoarded thrift of the people through the bankrupt Savings Banks of Rome, Palermo, Tuscany & Naples. Persons willing to assist the descendants of Gracchus, Caesar & Rienzi with a Maxim Gun in the name of Australia, might communicate with us.

The BANK OF AUSTRALASIA is registered proprietor of the following stations in N. S. W. Of course if we had access to its books it could easily be proved that it owns immense acres not on this list. Foreclosures on a huge scale are taking place continuously. In New Zealand it has large sums irretrievably invested Native title lands etc. If the Government of NZ acts honestly & carries out its solemn pledges, it will be a sad day for the boom-struck banks. In NSW at least the hatred felt towards the banks is growing fast and furious. If the Democracy triumph at the approaching election, which is almost a foregone conclusion, a system of State *— to farmers and cooperative work, many companies will be inaugurated at once. Such a policy will be disastrous to the ‘private enterprise’ banks. A heavy cumulative tax on speculative land Value—also a progressive Income tax must be imposed to meet the Gigantic Deficit Void to be inherited from present & past pirateal Ministries.

If bankers cannot hire a working majority in the next parliament they will be, where the barings were in ’90, with no bank of England to share them up between the Devil of Democracy triumphant and the Deep Sea of liquidation.

NAME                               DISTRICT                         AREA

Agintoothbong              Albury                                49,900

Barry                                  Walcha                              72,020

Bueraba                             Tamworth                         8,121

Ballandry                          Narrandera                      118,241

Brenda                               Brewarrina                       61,188

Bandabrilla                      ``                                        142,038

Bundy                                Coonamble                      28,848

Burroway                         Dubbo                                121,110        

Carnerney                        Urana                                 4,785

Crepabella                        Albury                                44,983

Currangorambla           Cooma                               6,000

Innesowen                      Bourke                               173,340        

Kinh Lake                          Cooma                               1,583

Kunopia                             Morce                                 82,919

Little Billalong               Albury                                15,369

Looanga                             Armidale                           17,564

Ouranee                             Albury                                20,029

Poolamaeea                     Wileannia                          351,806

Terryauynia                       ``                                        920,620

Therribri                             Narrabri                             70,890

Toorawandi                      Goonabarantran           12.929

Ulona                                  Hay                                    243,113

West                                   Logan                                82,600

The above list is a suggestive object lesson for the creditors and stock holders consideration as well as for the cowardly contemptible and servile man-spaniels who with the impudent assumption of blackfellows describe themselves as the proprietors of N S W. Ho Ho Ho ‘proprietors.’

Why should Australasians not put a*— of ‘business management’ into politics? The spoils should always be held out as the victors reward.

Why not form a vast Land & Gold Syndicate, for the deliberate purpose of seizing power? It might even be duly registered as a company trading for gain. Every shareholder to have first pick of the monopolized domains when resumed surveyed and subdivided. Temporary Dividends might be paid from the open confiscation of property belonging to absentee proprietors or foreign mortgage companies.

Money must be got somehow if the state machine is to be worked for all it is worth.

No wrong would be intentionally done to anyone. The people would simply annex their own again by legislative process.

All ventures require Capital. Why therefore should not the cash be forthcoming to work such a gold mine — 10000 times richer than Mount Morgan Is there not profit to be made? Is there not land and homes and gold to be had by a turn of the Parliamentary Screw?

Such is a roughly outlined scheme for most effectively concentrating the forces of discontent and making Public Life a living pulsing reality.



Is the Englishman’s Holy of Holies. Around it from day to day, as round a barbarian idol whirls and grinds the devils dance of fanaticism, slavery, grovel, greed and murder. ‘As sound as the Bank of England’ has almost became a proverb, yet there are men in this world who assert that the Bank is no sounder than the Commercial Banking Company. Ever since the Baring collapse suspicion as to the stability of the B. of E. has grown deeper and deeper. When the Argentine Civil Wars rained the Barings it ‘came to their aid’ and collected a guarantee fund of £18,000,000 net for any fraternal motive as everyone suspected but merely in order to protect itself from a similar fate. Millions of its trust funds were then as now invested with little hope of redemption in wild-cat South American specs. Money invested in public robbery alias private enterprise ventures is curiously enough not too easily withdrawn from S. A. republics. The skin-shorn natives have a nasty habit of squaring accounts with shot and steel. Caught in the swirl of these revolutionary moratorium, and ceduls reconstructions the Board of Management sought wound for some plausible means of escape that would not compromise the reputation of the Bank. After much conspiring they ultimately called upon their pliable agent Mr. May Chief Cashier no reign and laid upon him (as scapegoat) the whole to blame. It is now falsely made to appear that he was alone responsiable for the ‘half a crown in the pound’ investments—investments that would shame the directors of an Australian boom bank. Instead or Mr. may’s removl allying the alarm it has only intensified it. The Economist considers that there is something graver than a mere fault of judgement behind the whole business and the Investors Review, with Napoleonic audacity, boldly proclaims the Bank paralytic and corrupt. During the last few months the £100 shares, at 300% premium have fallen heavily while the metallic reserves are very erratic indeed. A persistent gold drain for export has also set in.

Wars and revolutions and the consequent contraction of credits must shake the B. of E. to its foundation. During the period of its existence the Bank of E. has failed 19 times, an average of once every 11 Years. Public money and public credit has repeatedly redeemed it from universal smash.

Three years ago it was saved by the timely arrival of a train load of buillion (loan) from the Bank of France. Every level headed money broker in Europe knows that a great financial and maybe revolutionary storm is imminent. The Bank of England’s Court of Directors are now frantically (perhaps when too late) endeavouring to shorten sail in preparation. Europe and Asia are like unto a vast magazine of tinder & explosives. Plains and hillsides bristle with bayonets and cannon & steely ramparts. Bays and harbours are black with funnel-smoke of armoured steam slaughtering machines, whilst working bullocks in the “image of God” slave and die in millions to pay for all. One single spark may at any time detonate the whole combustible mass, and then, amid the quenchless rage of blood-drunken mobs and armies where will be the paper millions of this bank, that bank and the other? The Bank of E. is realy a Mighty Jew owned Pawnoffice—a mart for the purchase and sale of credits—credits based upon the right of Robbery Murder and Oppression. Privileges and concessions of all sorts have been extended to it, by a succession of obsequious parliaments, that it may more effectualy blackmail trade and commerce and industry. Its owners are probably the most opulent and unscrupulous robbers in all Europe. The bank was founded in fact on rapine pillage and death. Today it exists for no other purpose than that of crucifying Humanit for cash. During the reign William III ‘Government’ a junta of successful Bandits, short of money for prosecuting throat cutting in Ireland & Scotland borrowed the ‘Needful’ from a company of shrewd London Jews. When the wars were over and the lands of the murdered confiscated ‘Government’ found itself unable to repay the loan. Imposing heavier taxation might provoke revolt and therefore the State made a composition with its creditors, it formed them into a corporation and granted them a charter, which permitted them issue paper money based upon the State debt. By many fiat enactments the Government compelled the public to accept the Bank paper as an equivalent to gold. Ever since the Banks privileges have been extended and solidified while the Nation’s Debt has been cunningly inflated, on every possible pretext. This debt now amounts to over £800,000,000 and will never be paid off in cash. However the interest will be paid as long as the People consent to be taxed for that purpose. The manipulation of this Paper. Debt is the fraudulent foundation upon which England’s Grand Financial and Political Swindle is erected. The despots of Babylon’s money market i. e. the President and Directors of the Bank of England have grown to be more powerful indeed than the State itself and ten times more bowelless, relentless and exacting than ever wer the hardend Pharaohs Balshazzars, and military marauders of Ancient Rome. Not satisfied with heaped up stores of Golden Treasure (guarden night and day by State paid soldiery) and wrung from the slow murder of drudging propertyless hirelings in Egypt, India, Great, Britain it must needs invest the spoils of past nation-wreckage in the systematic pillage of Argentina, Mexico, Brazil etc. However the inhabitants of South American Republics having Iberian blood in their veins are neither so servile nor sleepish as the alcohol soaked Englishry, the famine driven Hindoo and the degraded Nile-bank fellaheen. Consequently when the Hispanic Americans meet shylocks bailiffs—who call themselves Statesmen as in Australia—with rifle bullets and torpedoes he must per-force file his schedule, is his ironclads cannot be ‘rung-in’ as at Alexandria. While the Munroe doctrine holds sway over the Republic of the North the use of England’s warships in American water will never be tolerated—as debt collectors. The position is very ackward for the Bank. Its clients and subsidiary agencies can neither collect their Usury nor foreclose upon the mortgaged Nations. Could Debt crushed Australia learn no lesson from all this?


Rivalry between the English and Australian banks is very bitter. It is understood that the recent Dibbs legislation was solely designed to save two or three hopelessly insolvent Sydney concerns. The Legislature of N S W is obsequious in its servility to the Directorate of the Bank of New South Wales and every effort is illegally being made to transform that institution into a kind of bastard Bank of England. Almost all the government current accounts are kept in in it at very low rates of interest. It is subsidized in its lucrative business of mortgage usury by Government guarantees, paper money, and ‘’draft’ collected by labouring hirelings from semi-starvation wages. It is a mad world my master; where the servile and timber skulled multitudes support with pennies and pounds, with taxes and with state subventions—the very men who are lootting Australia and improverishing its people. It is if a flock of tame wethers went mad and offered up their lives and their fleeces for the defence of a trapped wild dog that had been systematically preying and fattening upon them for years.

…                  …                  …                  …

Sir T Satherland of the P & O Company is a professional jew connected with numerous dividend mills in all parts of the world. He is Chief Director of the Bank of Australasia one of the strongest English banks doing business here. His speeches to shareholders are breezy with superficial optimism. By long practice he has acquired the happy knack of ignoring the darker side of business while presenting the favourable features in a blaze of oratorical splendour. His idea seems to be, to fill his docile followers with a kind divine fervour and confidence in the Directorates management. This confidence may be well placed or otherwise according to circumstances. For instance, if certain secret negotiations succeed this Bank (also the Union) may be legislated into liquidation by a single act of this N S W parliament. If a ministry can save one Bank from ruin it can also by reversing the State machinery smash another. The lawmaking machine under certain circumstances can be employed with terrific effect by one Ring of Financiers against a rival Ring. An ironhanded Democratic Colonial Treasurer could, if in grim earnest Terrorze into submission any company of usurious land jobbers that stood in his way.

…                  …                  …                  …

The last half yearly balance sheet of the B of Australasia can only be compared to a grinning fleshless mocking skeleton. One single item is 15 ¼ millions—deposits. How much of this vast sum is represented by current accounts and how much by fixed deposits in England and the servile Colonies? How much long dated and how much Government—municipal—Trust & Savings Bank funds? It would also be well if “Bills payable” were separated from “Other liabilities”—“Other Liabilities” is a very vague and suspicious term coming from Australian Bank Directors. It may mean much that is good business and very much that is decidedly rotten. The Bank besides being a Baring Guarantor holds £500,000 reserve in Consols and receives 2 ¾ % therefore—not a very profitable investment. That heaven-born economist R J Black, advocates that all the Banks should invest Reserves in consols or in other words that they should pay 15 % or thereabouts on share capital and 5 pc on deposits in order to invest the proceeds at 2 ¾ pc. Another vague item upon this fleshless skeleton of a statement is 14 ¼ millions “Bills receivable, advances on securitics and other assets”. Such balance sheets are utterly valueless to base any calculations upon.  Everything is jumbled together in a heap evidently with the deliberate intention of disguising the true position of affairs from the ever inquisitive. No company can continue to retain public confidence for long that publishes such visionary and attenuated statements. The days of bluff & make-belive are ended for a while, and any monetary institution that surrounds itself with a halo of elaborate mystery must expect to be scrutinized closely. During the Melbourne Moratorium week the B of Australasia probably paid out £1,000,000 in gold, Persons with only half a glimpse behind the scenes know that this Bank suffered and is suffering severely from the boom tide backwash. It is generally conceded that its strength is rather in Napoleonic generalship than any abnormal reserve strength. Upon each share there is a liability of £40

Dibbs has done more to destroy the Banks than any one man in Australia by his flat quackery. The most amusing part is; how neatly he is wrecking while pretending undying friendship?

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