Quoting Ragnar Redbeard "Might is Right."


Quoting Ragnar Redbeard "Might is Right."



THE WEEKLY HARALD, August 8, 1924

Now that the elections are well and truly over, it seems that all the promises and pledges of the Labor Government were merely the usual blather and bunkum incidental to pretty well all elections.

Fremantle was promised many things, the most important being improved shipping facilities in the shape of a dock.

The Labor Party was positively yearning to build a dock at the Port, the electors were assured. It was a long-felt want which, once in power, a Labor Government would lose no time in filling.

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Merely politicians’ promises! Hot air! Sound and fury, signifying nothing!

Recently the Premier's Department acknowledged the receipt of a request from the Fremantle Municipal Council regarding the provision of a dock at the Port.

The matter, the letter stated, will receive consideration.

Now it is announced that the Government fully appreciates the need for the work, but regrets that no money can be made available at present.

It seems like that cynical jingler* knew what he was saying when he wrote:—

“Put not your faith in princes!”

Is a saying old and true:

And, “put not your trust in Parliaments!”

Translateth it anew.

*Ragnar Redbeard “Might is Right.”