Famous Ragnar Redbeard Quotes and Sayings

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Ragnar Redbeard

Quotes and Sayings

Ragnar Redbeard "The True Religion." Ragnar Redbeard Famous Quotes and Sayings

"This world is too peaceful, too acquiescent, too tame. It is a circumcised world. Nay! —a castrated world! It must be made fiercer, before it can become grander and better and—more natural."

In your own heart

Is all the law.

Beware of Christ,

That man of straw:

Might is mighty and will prevail.

"Women of vanquished races are usually very prone to wed with the men who have slaughtered their kindred in battle."

"While statesmen are your shepherds ye shall not want for shearing."

"Nothing so lowers a lover in a virile maiden's estimation, than for him to be 'whipped' in a personal encounter with a rival."

"And Liberty has ne'er been won, Except by deeds of war."

Ragnar Redbeard "The True Religion." Ragnar Redbeard Famous Quotes and Sayings

Men are oppressed in exact proportion to their helplessness.

"Against stupidity the gods fight in vain."

"Thou shalt not steal." Thus it was said of old time. But I say unto ye, “Let nothing be stolen from you."

If one man smites you on the cheek, don’t turn the other soft and meek, but smash him back and lay him low, war for war, and woe for woe.

Forms of government change but the principle of government never changes. It is tax gathering.

Keep your eye steadfastly fixed on the substantial things. Pursue positive aims. Take chances. Run risks-and do not fear adventure.

It has been written:—

"Thou shall not kill.

"But I say unto you:—

"Be a warrior."

"Truth is not mighty and It don’t prevail."

If I love my enemy I place myself at his mercy.

"Christian CiviIization"—That is to say—all life transvalued into terms of toil, of discipline and of taxes.

The Jews by the grace of Jehovah were commanded to steal: but I say unto you—

"Be not stolen from."

What are men but hungry wolves, a

prowling on the heath?

if in a pack of wolves you hunt, you'd

better sharp your teeth.

Things that seem sacred-sacred for centuries, and accepted by everybody—these are the things—the very things you must learn to suspect and inquire into. Take nothing for granted.

The law of love—the law of jus­tice—the law of brotherhood—the law of equality—the law of equal rates and taxes—the law of equal rights and privileges—all these high sound­ing things are nothing more than dreams. They don’t really exist They are only shadows of the mind. There is nothing substantial in them. They are Idols—strings of words, words, words on words. They never were truths and they never can be. They are against the very nature of things.

"O some must watch and some must sleep, and some must perish slowly; and some must weep and some must reap, till all things go to glory."

You can talk of "human brotherhood" until you're black and blue; no law of heaven or earth, or hell, can ever make it true.

Everywhere it is the same—exactly the same. The gold is for him who CAN—for him who either plays the game victoriously or breaks it up vic­toriously.

There is no Jew Jehovah

Commanding things on high;

There is no golden heaven

To go to when you die;

Now IS your chance

To bear you well—

Defeat is better pay—

And life is little else than hell

When man is old and grey.

"Statute books and golden rules were made to fetter slaves and fools."

Heavy labor unfits a man for con­tention and strife, Hence it unfits him for success in life. It deadens, his mind and his will and takes all the surplus energy out of him.

Poison lurks in pastor preachments.

Satan works through golden rules;

Hell Is paved with law and Justice.

Christs were made to fetter fools.

Nothing could be more treacherous and untruthful than the Epistles of St. Paul. He is the embodiment of fallacy, the very pattern of super normal deceit and cunning. All is false about him, his logic, his legends, his learning, his arguments, his morality. Even his personality is a pretense.

The tendency of modern science. politics and religion is to reunite their forces—as in the days of long ago—for the complete and perpetual, mental, moral and physical subjugation of mankind. The scientist becomes the priest—pope—moral inquisitor.







"Equality can only exist between equals. Civilization implies division of labor, division of labor implies subordination and subordination implies injustice and inequality."

"He who turns the other cheek is a cowardly dog—a Christian dog."

The gates of hell—that is to say. the portals of the factory. The teachings of hell—that is to say. the daily newspapers.

Life is strife for every man,

For every son of Thunder;

The be a lion, not a lamb,

And don't be trampled under

"Government is founded on property

Property is founded on conquest

Conquest is founded on Power

All power is founded on brain and brawn."

He who keps the commandments of another is necessarily a slave of that other.

"The rules of life are not to be found in Korans, Bibles, Decalogues and Constitutions, but rather the rules of decadence and death. The "law of laws" is not written in Hebrew consonants or upon tables of brass and stone, but in every man’s own heart. He who obeys any standard of right and wrong, but the one set up by his own conscience, betrays himself into the hands of his enemies, who are ever laying in wait to bind him to their millstones. And generally a man’s most dangerous enemies are his neighbors."

You must develop a rebellious heart towards everything that oppresses you or keeps you down.

"Tremendous indeed is the occult influence of sex-love upon the evolution of organic life. Love and glory, fidelity, emulation, resolution, beauty, strength, and courage are directly inspired by sex-passions."

The best fighters are the best race-producers. This is the verdict of Biology, and the instinctive belief of the whole Feminine world in general.

Carve a wooden image,

Daub it o'er with paint,

And straightway it is a sacred thing,

A Godess—Saviour—Saint.

"The natural world is a world of war; the natural man is a warrior; the natural law is tooth and claw. All else is error. A condition of combat everywhere exists. We are born into perpetual conflict. It is our inheritance, even as it was the heritage of previous generations."

"The lie that is known to be a lie is half eradicated, but the lie that even intelligent persons regard as a sacred fact—the lie that has been inculcated around a mother’s knee—is more dangerous to contend against than a creeping pestilence."

Human rights and wrongs are not determined by Justice, but by Might, Disguise it as you may, the naked sword is still king-maker and king-breaker, as of yore. All other theories are lies and—lures.

"Behind all Kings and Presidents

all Government and Law,

Are army-corps and cannoneers

to hold the world in awe

Just as the spider weaves his silky web, to lure flies into the larder of his banqueting hall, in order that he may at his leisure, pick the flesh from off their bones; so, deceitful Ideals are cunningly woven by dexterous political spiders, to capture and exploit swarms of human flies.

Go to, develop your powers of resistance and aggression. Every man in our opinion should be a warrior. Each morning he should go out as a fighting man into a battle field.

Dogmas base—and wicked gospels,

Treacherous logic—shallow learning,

Prophets false—insane immortals

And coward theories of discerning.

Too long the dead hand has been permitted to sterilize living thought—too long, right and wrong, good and evil, have been inverted by false prophets.

"Laws" and "Rules" imposed on you From days of old renown. Are not intended for your "good" But for your crushing down. Then dare to rend the chains that bind And to yourself be true. Dare to liberate your mind, From all things, old and new. Always think your own thought. All other thoughts reject; Learn to use your own brain And boldly stand erect."

"Unfitness for war is unfitness for existence."

Thus smith the Evil Teacher—the False One: "Give unto Caesar the things that are Caesars; and unto God the things that are God's." But I say ‘unto you—



Ragnar Redbeard

Quotes and Sayings

Ragnar Redbeard Famous Quotes and Sayings

"Government and society are two distinct entities and care must be taken not to confound them. Society is the growth of mutual tolerance, friendship, and obligation; but government arises from physical force applied by the strong to the control and exploitation of vanquished foes."

"There is nothing inherently sacred about moral codes. Like the wooden idols of long ago, they are all the work of human hands, and what man has made, man can destroy."

"Hard, continuous, methodical labor destroys courage, saps vitality, and demoralizes character. It tames and subdues men, just as it tames and subdues the wild steer or the young colt."

"Christ is my redeemer,"—

I heard men rave and shout,

But where is their "redemption"?

What is it all about?

"The strong must ever rule the weak,

is grim primordial law—

On earth's broad racial treshing floor,

the meek are beaten straw—

Then ride to Power o'er foemens necks;

let nothing bar your way.

IF you are FIT you'll rule and reign,

is the logic of to-day."

Life is combat, remember, and not a sunday school.

I dip my forefinger in the watery blood of your impotent mob-redeemer (your Divine Democrat—your Hebrew Madman) and write over his thorn-torn brow "The true prince of Evil—the king of the Slaves!"

This earth is a vast whirl of warring atoms—a veritable revolving cock-pit. Each molecule, each animal, fights for its life. You must fight for yours, or surrender.

Do not take your rules of conduct from your foe—or from your conqueror.

A painted idol on a tree—

Dripping tears and gore—

A painted idol is to me—

And it is nothing more.

What is grand in a horny hand?

What is free in a bended knee?

What is brave in a pauper grave?

What is bold in a lack of gold?

Man's highest moral duty is to increase his own powers and evolve his own spirit.

The religion of "The Eagle and the Serpent" is the religion of the Plains of Troy. We do not found a new religion. We revive the true one. "This is not said for Long Ears."

The House of Gowrie and Thurland & Thurland:

The Devil's Book Agents

The "Will-to-live"

Is king of kings.

And "gold and iron"

Is Lord of Things.

They load the whole world with national and internation municipal debts, and then cry: "Glory, glory, halleluja—the human race is free."

If you want to think things out in a direct and natural way, keep your mind off the ballot boxes and legislatures and Bibles.

In the balance weighed and wanting,

The evil reign of Christ is o'er,

2,000 years of hell condemn him

He shall crush our souls no more.

"How down the False idols

That cumber the land."

For strife and struggle

man is born;

But sheep and lambs

Are always shorn.

Field, factory. office and mine. These are the miserable ways of life. Conflict is the divine way—the noble way—the way of the gods. Woe unto those who give up their lives to servitude. Verily I say unto you they shall perish utterly. The curse of the gods is upon them and their seed for a thousand generations.

To bleat and pray,

And live like clods.

Is not the way.

Of men or gods

Search the Scriptures—yea’ verily—search the Scriptures of the Jews, for in them you shall find eternal damnation.

The overbearing domination of the State over the individual is the menace and danger of our times, and it means the same (in essentials) as the overbearing domination of the church over the individual in the dark ages.

There is no Blessed Saviour

For two and two are four,

And the gospel tale is fiction,

Fiction, fiction, nothing more.

I do not preach wisdom. Too much wisdom is an evil. And what is wisdom? There is altogether too much of the snake and fox in modern man, too little of the eagle and the lion.

What men call virtue is really their submissiveness, their degeneracy, their damnation. The world groans and staggers under the awful load of its goodness, its morality, its justice, and so forth. O, that the Mighty One would break loose from the Great Captivity and deliver us from this frightful paradise.

Live and love and take and give.

And laugh and fight and sigh;

For, it's all there is of life to live,

And all of death to die.

In the wars of great Caesar, and grim Hannibal, in the times of Belzehazzar, the Pharaohs and all; in the days of Rienzi and Roland the Bold; the banners are waving for WOMEN and GOLD.

If there is anything in you, make a stir while you live. Now you have a chance. it won't be long. Your days are numbered. Your end is nearer than you think. Soon the worms will eat you. Do you understand?

The high pontifs—thus they orate grandiloquently: "Have a care for religion, pay your just taxes, and love your blessed Saviour." But I say unto you: "Beware of the Evil One."

Now is your appointed time,

This very hour and day,

To love and laugh and feast and fight.

And LIVE before you’re grey.

What dragons foul

Would hold the hoards

Ever and ever

But for the swords?

Rationalists in religion are numerous but Rationalists in politics are few. Nevertheless salvation by politics is quite as much of an insanity and a dream as salvation by the watery blood of a circumcised Jew. When his faith is analyzed the average Rationalist is even more irrational than the wildest Supernaturalist. What is politics but priestcraft in a new mask and cloak?

Break loose from hell.

Break loose I say,

Christ's evil empire

In ruins lay.

Dreams of peace

Are all a Lie,

Peace comes forever

When we die.

The “great god Bud" of India.

We call a "wooden Joss"—

But a painted wooden Jesus

Is—"Our Saviour on the Cross"

All hail the power of Israel's name,

Let nations prostrate tall,

Bring out the royal diadem

And crown him lord of all.

Statesmen mock and swindle,

And judges work you woe,

Laws are the snares of Satan

And Christ's your mortal foe.

Ah, "the Law and the Prophets!"

By law the liberties of men are over thrown. By law every wickedness is legalized. By law every bondage is made possible. By law every tax, every tribute is enforced and every iniquity upheld and emphasized.

And all this is eminently wise. and beautiful, and altogether lovely. Thus saith the Prophets—the Prophets—the Prophets.

But I say unto you:

The Law crucifies; the Prophets lie.


If one man smite you on the cheek,

Don’t turn the other, soft and meek,

But smash him back, and lay him low.

War for war, and blow for blow.


"Unto him that smiteth thee on one cheek offer also the other."—

Luke. VI. 29.



The whole world is in debt. National loans (like great monster millstones) are tied around the necks of all nations. The annual interest payments upon these vast international obligations is colossal. The tributes wrung by military conquerors from subjugated provinces in ancient or modern times is as nothing to it.

There is not less than 500,000,000 toiling men on this earth whose daily grind is garnisheed (as it were) by international usurers.

Two-thirds of taxation and tariffs goes directly into the vaults of the moneylender. All property is taxed until it is (in many places) practically confiscated, all lands and mines and ships are taxed. Everything we eat and wear and drink is taxed. Taxation is in fact the systematic ravaging of all the earth.

The very best of governments, (like those of Australia) are little more than tax collecting bureaus. Modern kings and kaisers and statesmen, are no longer the leaders and representatives of nations and peoples, but rather subservient agents of International Pawnbrokers.

Behind every taxgatherer stands the hidden forces of the great money power—the owners of the debt. They have the world in pawn.

Hence the International Usurers are the actual conquerors of all mankind. They are the rulers of the earth because they are its owners.

Thus the black terror leaps upon us, it has us by the throat. And year by year its exactions become more merciless. It is the great all devouring Dragon of Mythology brooding upon its hoards of stolen gold; and feasting, not in metaphor, but In actual fact upon the bodies and bones of obsequious and terrified population.