THE COMING TERROR "Modern Science."

(Trust THEM!) This is a WARNING!

THE COMING TERROR "Modern Science."

(Trust THEM!) This is a WARNING!


THE COMING TERROR "Modern Science."

The unqualified glorification of “Modern Science” is strongly to be denounced. There is evil in Modern Science, much evil, and profound illusion. It is another false redeemer, a new betrayal. Eventually all this will be found out. Woe and torment and terror are lurking in its train. It is a creeping monster, a hideous coiling dragon, but, half hidden as yet, behind dark and unlifted veils.

A Thousand Books of Fame

Some day “the Scientist,” popularly acclaimed as a wonderful saviour, will climb into governmental authority, and become the most remorseless and implacable of tyrants—an all-seeing, all-hearing, all-knowing Jehovah—an organic terror as it were, more frightful to live under than ever was “the Holy Church” in the heyday of its undivided and untrammeled regulative might.

What is a “Scientist” anyhow but a priest—the priest of a new idolatry as deceptive and absurd as that of Benares or Jerusalem or Rome.

The gospel of human perfectability, or of human purification, either by “Laws,” or by “Scientific Regulation,” is just as much of a delusion as the gospel of “salvation by the blood of the lamb.”

Ragnar Redbeard THE COMING TERROR "Modern Science"

The conventional evangels of public hygiene and medicine of industrial

adjustment or of artificial sex-selection (Eugenics), are quite as great a hoax as the now discredited gospels of praying and voting.

In fact, “Modern Science” is a huge superstition, a sort of popular sorcery—a bewitchment. There is no truth or beneficence in it whatever—as time will tell.

Once permit a body of scientific mandarins to get the upper hand in Society, and they would be enabled—in the name of the Public Good—to wield positively infernal powers for the enslavement and exploitation of the entire human race, or for the perpetration of frightful crimes to satiate personal ambition, lust, or experiment.

All the highly centralized enginery of oppressive state-craft, industrialism, religion, and tax gathering would be at their imperial command, supplemented by weird psychic, aerial, or magnetic devices (or disease bacteria) of diabolical destructive ingenuity and of practically omniscient coercive force.

Even with present knowledge a supreme junta of scientific Super-men could probably poison the very air we breathe, extinguish armies by pressing a button, or maybe annihilate entire communities as it were with an Olympian nod.

Under the Reign of Science, the most ruthless and most cold-blooded of all monsters would be Lord of the World. No one individual could stand up against such crushing and stupendous and “God-like” powers. Anyone who even dared to think in opposition to “the Law” could be slain with a waft of lightning, or trussed upon an operating table (behind impregnable police walls) and emasculated; or the virile cells of his brain removed as a priestly sacrifice to the Science Idol.

The frightful atrocities perpetrated on helpless millions by the evil priests of Ancient Egypt, Babylon, Atlantis, and prehistoric antiquity, could and would be all revived and renewed under pretentious disguises and fair sounding names—for every scientist is a potential Torquemada.

Think this out for yourself. Don’t be hypnotized all your days by the treacherous avatars of current philosophy and literature. Have a mind of your own. Put two and two together and calculate with your own brain from your own particular angle. Don’t believe what everybody believes. Don’t take things too much for granted. Beware of all Hierarchies of Science, Church, or State.

The Coming Terror "Modern Science." By Ragnar Redbeard from:
The House of Gowrie and Thurland & Thurland:
The Devil's Book Agents.

When new men with new ideals obtain limitless sway, what always happens? Do they not become at once tyrants and robbers and enemies of mankind?

What would take place, therefore, were the fanatic Edisons and Saleebys, the Galtons and Maxims, the Huxleys and Burbans, of to-morrow to seat themselves on the throne of the mighty?

If they planned to crush, exploit, torment, exterminate an entire population (in order to carry out some “Scientific” purpose), who would dare to challenge them or question their injunctions?

Woe unto mankind, I say, woe unto all mankind when the priests of Modern Science are lords on high. “Modern Science” crowned and sceptered, armed to the teeth, directing irresistible and mystic forces, controlling the brain powers of nations, and in possession of vast treasures, would be the most diabolical despotism this earth has ever known.