What is said about Redbeards Philosophy of Power? Read the 1896 Auditorium Press edition. Scroll down for further reading and download Might is Right 1896 and Might is Right 1927 editions for free.

What is said about Ragnar Redbeard's vitriolic Bible—Might is Right

Might is Right; or The Survival of the Fittest New book by Ragnar Redbeard, LL.D., U. of C. 178 pp. Cloth, gilt, $1,50; paper, 50c, postpaid.

This is no ordinary book. Undeniably it is the most remarkable publication that has appeared in Christendom for fifteen centuries. Its philosophy is that of a scientific Satan, a realistic Anti-Christ. With grim and Pagan logic it assail the first principles of moral codes, religions, politics and law; affirming that modern civilization is a horrible hypnotic seance, a continuation of the terrorism and gloom of the Dark Ages. It marshalls an overwhelming array of facts to prove that the man of to-day is a physical and mental dwindling, a coward, a weakling, a slave. Upon biologic Spencerian principles it attacks the Golden Rule, the Sermon on the Mount, the Jewish Decalogue, statute books, written constitutions and representative institutions, affirming that they are all without higher sanction or authority than organized duplicity or armed Power. Therefore if man is ever to be free, these artificial and domineering “Thou Shalts” must be strenuously swept aside.

Dr. Redbeard contends that fitness to survive must be tested by the clash of armies: all other tests being fraudulent. Victors in war are naturally entitled to dominate; and the “defeated”—that is, the runaways who feared to die—are equally entitled to servitude. Throughout all organic life the chief selective agency is combat. women admire warriors above all other kinds of men. Communities of cowards (and their descendants) are rightfully plundered, taxed, enslaved.

“Right” and “wrong” are decided not by the Meek but by the Mighty, who, consequently may write laws, creeds, constitutions, title deeds—and re-write them at pleasure. Equality ideals are mere milenial illusions, for all life is strife—a combat to the death.

As long as the struggle for existence is “moralized” or limited by Governments and Gods, the unfit and base instead of being trampled down (as nature intended) are stupidly permitted to set up Imperial Injunction Seats and deal out death, bondage and ruin to Highest Types.

Thus, by demanding his credentials, Darwinism is fatal to the tyrant. It rings him round with menace and destruction. It hurls against him ten thousand trained rivals. It proclaims to all men “Nothing is true; nothing is sacred; all things are open to you; blessed be the vanquishers.”

If you don’t like this book, don’t keep it. Send it back at once and we will refund your money and pay postage both ways.


Might Is Right.

The root-thought of “Might Is Right” lies in this quotation: “Property, remember, is an integral part of freedom and manhood. They who have no property are at the mercy of those who have. Woe unto him who has ‘nothing.’ Economic dependence is a flaming hell.”

If every Lumberjack, Worker and Working Farmer in the South would read this great book they would clearly see how they have lost their inheritance in their native land by themselves losing the oldtime fighting spirit of the Clansmen.

You will not agree with all Redbeard says no more than I do, but YOU should read this extraordinary book. One thing it will do—it will show to you how the “Mighty" rule and rob proletarianize the race and then, it is up to you to THINK FOR YOURSELF.

If you want to read this tremendous Epic of the Strong, send us a DOLLAR and we will send you a copy of “MIGHT IS RIGHT” and THE VOICE for 30 weeks; or we will send you the book alone for FIFTY CENTS. Address THE VOICE, 520 Poydras Street, New Orleans, La.

—The Voice of the People. February 05, 1914.

“Might is Right,” by Ragnar Redbeard and published by Ross’s Book Service, is a remarkable book. Originally published in 1890, it has run through five editions, and has had an extraordinary influence on the minds of its readers. The audacity, candour and brutality of the author right through his work alternately attracts and repels the reader. Copies of this amazing exposition can be obtained at our Book shop, Ross’s Book Service.

—The Socialist 12 August 1921.

“From the moral and ethical points of view, it compares with Machiavelli’s “Prince,” but it is questionable if any writer has equalled Redbeard in sustained invective. For nearly two hundred pages phrase after phrase descends like a club, bent upon smashing to flinders the church and state at which it is aimed.”

Liberty Vol.1 No. 18 (19 October 1933)



Might is Right: or (The Logic of To-Day), (The Survival of the Fittest), ( The Philosophy of Power).

– 1896 Ragnar Redbeard, Chicago

– 1903 Ragnar Redbeard, Chicago

– 1910 W.J. Robbins, London

– 1921 Ross’s Book Service, Melbourne

– 1927 Dil Pickle Press, Chicago

* * *


FIRST EDITION: 1890 - 16 pages - 25 copies - typewritten - private circulation only.

SECOND EDITION: 1895 - 100 copies - proofs - for private circulation.

*THIRD EDITION: copyrighted and published - 1,000 copies - Chicago 1896 - sold in six months.

FOURTH EDITION: 2,000 copies - London - Eagle & Serpent Publishing Company - 1900.

*FIFTH EDITION: (from original plates) - 10,000 copies - Chicago, New York and London - 1903.



COPYRIGHT THIRD EDITION - For Private Circulation




*Perhaps the Editor for this edition "J.S." turns out to be Desmonds friend Julian Stuart?

Download the 1896 edition of MIGHT IS RIGHT

Download the 1927 edition of MIGHT IS RIGHT

The House of Gowrie and Thurland & Thurland: The Devil's Book Agents - Includes Ragnar Redbeard's MIGHT IS RIGHT THE LOGIC OF TODAY 1896

Might is Right (The Logic of To-Day) is reprinted in the NEW BOOK


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Might is Right: The Authoritative Edition. The variant text of five original editions harmonized into one, with thousands of previously undocumented footnotes and citations. New introduction by Peter H. Gilmore, High Priest of the Church of Satan. Newly indexed. Underworld Amusements 2019.
MIGHT IS RIGHT Ragnar Redbeard Revisionist Press

Might is Right: 1927 Facsimile Edition, Underworld Amusements 2021.
MIGHT IS RIGHT Ragnar Redbeard Revisionist Press

Might is Right: 1927 Facsimile & Leaf Limited Edition, Underworld Amusements 2021. (Features an actual tipped-in page from the book used to create it.)
MIGHT IS RIGHT Ragnar Redbeard Revisionist Press

Might is Right - The Revisionist Press, New York 1972. Introduction by Laurence Labadie
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Might is Right - Loompanics Unlimited 1984. With introduction by S.E. Parker
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Might is Right - M.H.P & Co., Chicago 1996 Centennial Printing. Forword by Anton Szandor LaVey. (1930—1997) the founder of the Church of Satan.
MIGHT IS RIGHT Ragnar Redbeard Anton Szandor LaVey Forword

Might is Right - Dil Pickle Press 2005. Edited by Darryl W. Condor
MIGHT IS RIGHT Ragnar Redbeard Dil Pickle Press 2005