Arthur Desmond in Explanation

Arthur Desmond—Determination is key.

Mr. Desmond to contest the Hawke's Bay seat.

Arthur Desmond in Explanation

Determination is key


In explanation of only one remark By Mr. Desmond

[The Editor does not hold himself responsible for opinions expressed by correspondents.]

Sir, — I am very much pleased with the remarks you have made in to-day's issue. When I determined to contest this seat I made up my mind to encounter strong opposition. Still, the fear of that will not deter me from trying to do what I consider my duty to my fellow men. You say truly that I intend to make myself better known before the polling day.

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Land nationalization is certainly an important question of the near future. To advocate it before the people understand it is, I think premature. But when it becomes a question of practical politics I am of opinion, with Mr. Gladstone, that the State should give the present possessors full compensation.

The shape or form which that compensation will take may then be decided upon. In the meantime, a land tax will satisfy every economic requirement.This letter is in explanation of only one remark in your leading article.

— I am, &c.,

Arthur Desmond.

June 26th, 1884.

Hawke's Bay Herald, 28 June 1884