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Welcome to Ragnar Redbeard archive & publisher.

My ambition with this website is to collect as much as possible of Ragnar Redbeard (1859 - 1929) aka Arthur Desmond, and publish these interesting, historic unnarrated writings in one place. An archive dedicated to preserve and present the works by Arthur Desmond—the man behind the pseudonym Ragnar Redbeard. Easy to read and accessible for everyone who is curious enough to find out more about who this "Red Fire from down below" might have been.

We know he lived a life using many different names, and here on "RAGNAR REDBEARD" you will be able read many texts written under various pseudonyms. Through the high piled stacks of information I´ve collected in my research, I have actually found some pseudonyms probably unknown to many readers of Redbeard.

Enjoy historic speeches from his candidate days in New Zealand, labor articles, propaganda and manifests by The Active Service Brigade in Australia, his poetry, tid bits & twaddle, and related writings by others. I try not to alter any transcription though some small adjustments may occur.

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This site is completely free from political agendas. RagnarRedbeard.com Archive & Publisher — an unnarrated presentation of historic articles, and writings as is. —Robert Carmonius.

Contributions are gladly accepted, and so are donations, books, pamphlets, journals etc.